eBay Traffic Reports: Ominture replaced by Tenthwave

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eBay have replaced the old Omniture Traffic reports with a new replacement offering from Tenthwave.

We’ve had a number of readers contact us saying that Traffic Reports are no longer available. The confusion appears to be a broken link on the main section of the “Manage My Shop” page which will be fixed this week, in the mean time you can access the new Tenth Wave version of eBay Traffic Reports by clicking on “Traffic Reports” text link in the left hand navigation panel.

As well as a 30 day revenue chart the reports have options for listing Impressions (views in search results), Click-through Rate (clicks from search to listing), Listing Page Views, and Sales Conversion Rate. You can also view the top search terms for your products which generate a sale as well as referring domains – which sites buyers found your listings from (likely to be mostly eBay).

Have you had a look at the new Traffic Reports? Let us know what you think in comments below.

14 Responses

  1. Looks a lot nicer! Omniture always looked horrible and was really awkward to use.
    I know it’s in beta, but I’m disappointed by the lack of customisation – there’s no way to change the date range, or look at specific item IDs, which I found incredibly useful on Omniture.

  2. It looks OK but “search terms driving sales” really shows search terms driving impressions and doesn’t conclude for relevancy (CTR) so I don’t see much value for this.

  3. Its OK as a snapshot but without being able to check individual listings its not something I would used regularly. (Unlike Omniture which I logged into daily!)

  4. I first noticed this earlier this week. I thought there must be a mistake because there so little information in the new reports. For example my clickthrough rate is xx%. Is that good, is it getting better or worse? How was it last month, or last year?

    Omniture is little more than http log file analysis – so it’s quite basic, but still of value, especially when comparing to previous periods – like last month or same month last year.

    What surprises me is why there has to be an either-or – why not leave Omniture running – or use another similar but license free product – there are lots out there. The data is available because the web server will be logging every page request anyway.

    So ebay has taken away something with a lot of depth and history and replaced with something that, while looking more “modern”, is very light on detail, and comes from a Digital Marketing Agency rather than an Analytics firm.

  5. What I find most telling is out of 1.1 million impressions for my listings only 6,000 was from Google.

    That is pathetic. eBay seriously need to do whatever they can to get back in with Google.

  6. Yes absolutely useless….. personally I was very happy with Ominture – I agree with what everyone has said thus far – my thinking exactly especially with what mobilegen says… I would pay for Ominture if needed because I actually got more use of the data they provided than this new one… thanks eBay for helping out the sellers 🙁

  7. This feels like Google Analytics without the customization or taxonomy specific to my products… 🙁



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