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eBid have unveiled their much awaited new site design which they announced was coming in February, and I have to say it’s looking fantastic.

Gone is the rather kitch old version which has been replaced by a cleaner and simpler layout which is responsive, i.e. fully mobile friendly and will automatically resize to fit any browser window regardless of the platform.

It’s not just a simple homepage makeover either – every page including of course the all important listings pages are benefiting from the new design. One thing that eBay sellers will be a fan of is eBid have opted for a very long listing page (a lot of scrolling on mobile) but this has enabled them to keep the seller description on the page, and not hide it on a separate tab which was eBay’s solution.

If you’re an eBid seller, one thing you’ll want to do is make sure you upload photos of at least 800px on their longest side to make the most of the new layout. However eBid will also now save photos at the original resolution to allow for maximum zoom magnification so the larger your image the better – it may mean resubmitting images on your old eBid listings.

Another change is that Listing Notices will all be plain text – doubtless a nod to the responsive design. eBid will be stripping out any HTML you previously used for the new design.

Of course the new design (although very pleasing to the eye and doubtless search engine friendly (and we know eBid are doing everything they can to submit listings to the likes of Google Shopping), won’t in itself generate sales. eBid still very much rely on their merchants to drive traffic to the site. We know sellers who have been successful on eBid and if you want to give the site a try they’re once again running their SELLER+ Lifetime Offer at £49.99 for the month of July.

Are you selling on eBid? How are your sales growing?

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  1. We used to sell a reasonable amount of items per month on eBid 3-4 years ago, but in the last 12 months just one!

    I wish them luck, but their *Special Lifetime Offer* has been running for at least 5 years continuously!

  2. Very interesting I might check it out

    Due to ebays technical and seo issues, plus seller discontent I feel eBay could be replaced overnight if there was a serious competitor that could quickly generate sales for individuals and small businesses. The potential is there if someone can get it right

  3. Well having been on there for about 4-5 years, and took up the lifetime special offer.

    If I sell one or two item a year I’m doing well, that compared to ebay 5-10 items a day … Means that ebid is not a serious threat to ebay.


  4. I might get 2-3 sales a month on eBid, but two of those are usually somebody from India with zero feedback and no intention of paying. It’s a shame, because the site is not bad. I took the lifetime membership – it’s paid for itself, but I can only make a pittance on the site.

  5. I think ebid is good but it need’s something like amazon prime or something so that somebody list 21000 000 listing’s of everything and than It could compete …than all anybody would do just buy it or list similar but as it is it’s like gumtree or private listing’s useless for high amount of item’s as well it need boost amount of listing’s and then it would only need advertise in tv and then it would be like ebay in about 10years

  6. hi
    yes but on ebid there are some cracking deal’s for example iPhone 5s for bidding for like 130£ and other and when you bid you know nobody out bid you so in most case es you win for the first bid unlike ebay where item’s sell for more than 3 times it’s original price usually if you looking for deal and item’s to buy ebid is the best to go as nobody mostly outbid you you get sometimes something for like 1penny for real !!

  7. I wish this site would take off. But I know that I would put in a lot of time and effort just for the odd sale every now and then. A mystery.

  8. Not bad, but still no options for multi variation listings, so still no good for me.

  9. In my main category there are under 200 listings on Ebid but over 200,000 on Ebay. Some might see that as an opportunity. I would see it as no one is looking at listings on Ebid so its not worth listing!

  10. Wrong business model from beginning.and is way too late right now.
    Because all statistics prove that for MOST of seller’s on eBid.
    And generally whole eBid site is just ”stuck”with usually weird items and collectible stuff and more of 60% of total eBid world wide listing is just item between couple cents and $1-$2 …and even with that prices MOST of eBid seller’s can’t round up higher sales.
    In the end all this is because of traffic and peoples around just don’t know for existence of eBid, and this model which eBid has from beginning don’t work obviously if is works MOST of eBid seller will sell many items with that low prices and make it huge profit from that low fees. And by the way who follow eBid daily or monthly can see clearly more and more ”hard core” cheerleaders just ”give up” and finally goes for REAL retirement because NO BIGGER MONEY to make it on eBid for MOST of seller’s doesn’t matter how many hours daily spend on eBid, talking,listing,cheering up in the end all this JUST DON’T WORK.
    Wrong business model that’s all.


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