Problems with eBay today: error 70005 & 70243

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We’ve received several reports in the last hour or so that people are having bother using eBay.

Specifically they are reporting problems signing in, using BIN to buy and adding items to the shopping cart. Several readers report receiving a 70005 error and one has kindly provided us with a screengrab

ebay error

Have you seen these errors? Let us know.

Certainly Downdetector is showing a spike and that is a good indicator that there is a problem.

We’ve asked eBay for information and will update this post as we get more information.

Needless to say, this isn’t the only technical issue eBay has suffered in the past few weeks.

Updated @ 13:46

It seems there’s a specific problem with Checkout. One reader has sent us this error message 70243:

ebay checkout error

Updated @ 14:16 Statement from eBay”

“We are aware that some members are currently experiencing problems with checkout on eBay via their desktop. We are working to resolve the issue as a priority. Customers accessing eBay via mobile devices are unaffected.”

Updated @ 15:32 Statement from eBay, the issue has been resolved.

“We have resolved the issue relating to checkout on eBay and full functionality has been restored. Our top priority is delivering the best experience to our buyers and sellers. We apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused.”

13 Responses

  1. Not good enough for a multi billion dollar company. Not the first time we have seen issues either in the recent past. Sellers suffer. No announcement by ebay as usual. Silence is not the answer.

  2. FWIW – 70005 seems to be error when attemting to pay immediately after using Buy It Now on a listing page (“immediate payment required”).

    70245 is when using basket to pay (individually or in bulk) – comes up as soon as you hit “Proceed to checkout”.

    You can however BIN things to pay later, if they have that option – then they end up in your basket (“You’ve committed to buy this item. Please continue to checkout.”), which still doesn’t work 😉 .

  3. Same here, these post should be dated 7/9/2015 is when my problem occurred, can’t pay 70243 error….

  4. I’ve been getting the error message for half an hour now…still, manage to get an email for “Ebay’s Hottest Deals Right Now!”

  5. Same thing as above, get that message displayed now on two items I’m trying to check out on. More than two hours now . . . that’s a lot of “failed sales”.

    Both my purchases are conventional BIN, no payment conditions.

  6. No wonder Amazon sales are going up.
    The competition is supposed to be ebay and looking at it over the past few months, it ain’t no competition at all.
    Seems like Ebay customers are blocked and think, “what can we do now oh I know lets try Amazon”.

    If you have all your eggs in one basket, time to look at some additional outlets, Christmas is coming round fast.

  7. Finally managed to check out my basket too. I had tried to BIN the items separately, but that brought up the same error.

  8. My android app and my smartphone app are not working, stalled, not responding, not showing my items.
    Eastern time 10am. My desktop is just fine. Ug…so many things to do and I can’t via mobile!

  9. That would explain the multiple purchases from buyers that have paid for them separately. It might also explain the lack of sales overall when a lot of my business relies on multiple purchases done through checkout and it’s all set to immediate payment only.


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