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ProfitSourceryProfit Sourcery is an online arbitrage tool that scans millions of retail products each month to find those that can be profitably resold on Amazon. They’ve been working on their platform and are now offering product sourcing opportunities from the ‘Top 1% Sales Rank’ exclusively and a lower monthly fee. I asked Ed from ProfitSourcery to tell us more about the updates from the company:

ProfitSourcery launched in April this year to lots of interest from the Amazon seller community. The feedback from those who took the time to trial the software has been invaluable in guiding the product to become the best online arbitrage software for Amazon sellers.

Profit Sourcery PlansOne of the key pieces of feedback we’ve had from sellers is that we should be focused on the very fastest selling products on Amazon; in light of this we’ve made some changes to our price plans as of 30th June.

ProfitSourcery Plans

The ProfitSourcery Merchant Plan has been upgraded to a new plan, ‘Accelerator Plus’. Customers on this new plan see 10 new products every day all in the top 1% of bestselling products in each category with a minimum ROI of 30%. This plan costs £65 per month.

We have introduced a new mid-range ‘Accelerator’ plan, this plan is identical to the top ‘Accelerator Plus’ plan but customers will only receive 5 new product opportunities daily for a monthly cost of £45.

The ProfitSourcery Starter Plan has been replaced by the ‘Launch’ plan. Launch customers see 5 product opportunities per day; all of these products will be in the top 2-6% of bestselling products in each category with a minimum mark-up of 30%. The new Launch plan will cost £25 per month.


Please note that the indicated margins do not include shipping costs from the retailer to your premises. Most of our users buy multiple products to resell, and so will usually get discounted or free shipping. Amazon also don’t let us see the cost of shipping from your premises into their warehouses, but this is very inexpensive; as an Amazon FBA seller you get their shipping rates. (we shipped 11kg of product in to Amazon for a total of £4.20!)

At ProfitSourcery our priority from the start has been to ensure the success of our customers, which is why we made the decision to update our plans. We’re confident that these will help new Amazon sellers get their business started much faster and the top plan will help experienced sellers increase their range of inventory and grow their businesses much faster.

Get a free (or another!) free trial

If you previously signed up for a 7 day trial for ProfitSourcery and wish to try again now these changes are in place you can sign up for another free trial now. If this applies to you then please get in touch by email so we can apply the new trial period to your account. We thank you for all your feedback and aim to continue to improve our service to provide the very best customer experience.

Thanks! The ProfitSourcery Team

4 Responses

  1. As an established Amazon seller I know that prices fluctuate very quickly and that a product producing a ROI of 30% today might very easily be only producing a ROI of 5% if other sellers flood the product. This has happened to me hundreds of times.

    I have been creating new product pages on Amazon for several years and with a newly listed product you can have a great run and achieve a much higher ROI than 30%, but once other sellers list against the ASIN the ROI drops like a stone.

    Of the hundreds of product pages I have created only one or two are still regularly restocked and the rest abandoned as no longer profitable. (Each newly created product or variation of it requires a unique EAN and I only have around 200 EAN’s left from my original purchase of 2000)

    I think ProfitSourcery have a great idea, but the more people that sign up then the less efficient it’s probably going to be.

    I have several high profit products listed on Amazon which I have managed to source independently and fear the day that a competitor discovers my supplier. Products readily available to resellers might look attractive, but it they are attractive to you then they are also going to be attractive to your competitors.

    I do however wish ProfitSourcery the best of luck and would love to read a follow up in a couple of months time.

  2. Hi Glenn

    Thanks for the good wishes

    The online arbitrage items we find are always against existing Amazon listings, so you don’t have to create new ones. This has the side benefit that online resources such as CamelCamelCamel will display pricing history for the item.

    In turn, this should give people a more informed decision on the price point. If its been steady for 6 months, then, whilst this can still drop, it gives you that extra confidence.

    So if you find someone is undercutting you, you have a couple of options. Many traders look at how much stock the competition have by putting the item in your Amazon basket. Then adjust the quantity to 999. Amazon will then tell you how many are in stock.

    If they only have a few and its a fast selling item, you have the option of just waiting for them to sell out of stock.

    With regard to being concerned about ‘the more people sign up the less efficient it’ll be’:
    Firstly, we put all the opportunities we find every day into a database which issues them randomly to our members. Secondly we have an upper limit for membership volumes too.

    Hope that helps; come and try a 7 day free trial if you’d like to see it in action.



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