Barclays add payments to mobile banking app

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Barclays have launched a novel idea – the ability to pay someone new using the Barclays Mobile Banking app.

One might have thought this was a pretty basic and simple function of mobile banking, but as a Barclays customer it’s long been a gripe of mine that I could only make payments through the mobile app if I’d previously made a payment using their online (i.e. on a computer) site.

Now with the latest update, you can at last pay anyone simply by tapping their bank account details into the Barclays mobile banking app. The only limitation appears to be that when you pay someone new your first payment will be limited to £1,500. After that usual payment limits for your account will apply.

I’m guessing that one of the disincentives for Barclays to add payments to new people to their standard banking app was to encourage the use of Barclays PingIt. PingIt enables you to pay anyone to their mobile phone number but it’s a pain in the ass as the recipient is them more or less obligated to sign up to the service. When I pay someone I want to know that they have the money in their account and not have them reject the payment or ask for tech support getting their bank account linked to PingIt.

The ability to pay someone so long as you have their bank account details… Thank you Barclays, welcome to the 21st century!


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