Jeremy Corbyn launches ‘better business’ plan for SMEs

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Jeremy CorbynSmall business may have an unusual champion. Lefty frontrunner in the Labour leadership campaign Jeremy Corbyn has launched a dedicated SME manifesto for “better business” and it looks pretty good. They’ve also launched a dedicated website called Corbyn for Business.

Key measures include:

– Small business rate freeze – Modest increases in corporation tax, but a small business rate freeze.

– Digital investment – Public investment to improve our digital infrastructure.

– Support for self-employed – Review social security arrangements for self-employed and small business owners to ensure they are entitled to and receive the same security as employees.

– Fair rents – Rent controls to stop local shops and small businesses being priced out.

Jeremy Corbyn says of his plans: “The current government seems to think being “pro-business” means giving a green light to corporate tax avoiders and private monopolies. I will stand up for small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and the growing number of enterprises that want to co-operate and innovate for the public good.

I will also address two key issues holding back British business: lack of skills and of investment. The CBI says the UK has ‘a skills emergency now, threatening to starve economic growth’. Yet George Osborne is cutting the adult skills budget.

My ‘Better Business’ plan will level the playing field between small businesses and their workers who are being made to wait in the queue behind the big corporate welfare lobby the Tories are funded by and obsessed with.”

What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn’s business plans?

3 Responses

  1. Jeremy Corbyn probably couldn’t even spell the word business.

    After he’s done destroying the economy there would be nothing left for SME’s.

    He has no business plan – this guy is nothing but a clown.

  2. “The growing number of enterprises that want to co-operate and innovate for the public good.”

    Which means theiy are hiding behind charitable status and grants!

    We run our business for profit if you try and run it for the public your doomed


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