Poundland launch their first online store today

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We’ve known for some time it’s coming, and today Poundland launched their first transactional website enabling you to buy over 2,000 of their most popular lines online.

All of the Poundshop favourites are there, from your Tommmy Walsh Pliers to your Jane Asher kitchen trinkets. Unsurprisingly everything’s a pound , with no minimum order size and delivery to your door for £4. Spend more than £50 and delivery is free! There are also some case deals (drinks, toilet paper etc) with additional savings.

This may of course put a slight crimp in some smaller eBay seller’s business plans. When your model involves buying at a pound shop and selling on eBay for triple or quadruple the price. However it might be that just as it doesn’t occur to the average consumer that they could get the same product in their local Poundland, it probably won’t occur to them that they could buy online from Poundland either.

3 Responses

  1. I have not visited Poundland for a few days. However Poundland have a reputation for using their Sales Receipts very well as part of their advertising campaign.

    So you can guarantee that their receipts will be plastered with adverts about the on-line Poundland.

    So if your customers once visit Poundland and find that Poundland stock this or that that they want the customer will no doubt look up Poundland on line and use it.

  2. Most of their case deals seem to be the same price as buying individually.

    £1 each or £60 for a case of 60!

    If ordering that deal online I would buy 59.


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