Video: 12-steps to ensure a profitable Christmas


The summer holidays are almost over and kids will be back to school in the next week. That makes it the time of year for retailers (both on and off marketplaces) to start planning for Christmas.

One of the best marketing tools is sill email, it can be used to delivery timely offers to customers, encouraging repeat business and building on events such as Black Friday, Christmas special offers, New Year promotions and of course just before holidays for liquidating any unsold stock that you don’t want hanging around until next Christmas.

John Hayes from iContact has recorded a 45 minute webinar on highlighting “12-steps program marketers need to take if they are to ensure a profitable Holiday season” which includes an in-depth look at strategies real iContact clients have used to increase opens, click-throughs and the success of their email marketing campaigns.

3 Responses

  1. i didnt watch the video, but going from the screengrab still;

    “resulting in a 27.5% open rate.”
    well excuse me, but if you’re implanting spyware in my emails, to find out whether i opened it, you’re going to find yourself quickly on my block list, and a note going out to my friends to do the same.

    they used words like “exclusive” even though there was nothing exlusive about it.
    – so, lie is what you’re saying? straight up lie to customers, perform a confidence trick, scam and cheat, is your advice?

    i’m finding icontact rather disgusting, so far as companies go.

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