eBay.com offers more free listings to sellers in the US

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Jordan Sweetman, eBay’s Vice President of Seller Experience, says that eBay in the US is bowing to popular demand and offering more sellers more free listings in the run up to Christmas.

He says: “So we’re kicking it up a notch and announcing something that many of you have personally asked me for: More free—zero insertion fee—listings, starting October 15. You also asked for more flexibility with the free listing formats and categories. Done. We expanded the categories so that more of your items qualify for the zero insertion fee allotment. And, to help make the most of the Holiday selling season, we’ve increased the listing limits for tens of thousands of eBay sellers.”

You can read the full announcement here.

So what is up for grabs for eBay sellers in the US?

Here are some of the highlights:

– Private sellers: Up from 20, 50 free listings a month from October 2015. Sounds good to me.
– Basic Stores sellers: 200 zero insertion fee fixed price listings per month up from 150
– All eBay Stores subscribers will enjoy the monthly allotment of 100 additional zero insertion fee auction-style listings that will also apply to listings in both Collectibles and Fashion categories

This all sounds excellent to me and it’s a reasonable boost for US sellers with the obvious purpose of getting some smaller sellers involved with more selling by getting a free Basic shop trial for a month during the peak selling month.

Earlier this evening I asked if this might be something we’ll see replicated on eBay.co.uk for British sellers. No reply yet but we look forward to good news.

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