eBay UK 20% off everything Flash Sale Coupon 4pm today

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CUKFLASHToday, on Thursday 22nd October between 4pm and 10pm GMT there will be a for users with a UK Paypal account. You can get up to £50 off your eBay purchase today.

UPDATE: We have eBay’s 20% off coupon code for today:

We’ll be updating this post throughout the day and will let you know as soon as we’ve spotted the coupon code. In the mean time make sure you like eBay.co.uk on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out.

eBay are already starting to promote the sale from 6am this morning through their social media channels, primarily to catch the rush hour crowd and pump them up ready to buy tonight.

We’ve seen much in the news recently about Black Friday and it’s likely that some shoppers will be saving up for a big splurg in the pre-Christmas sales. It’s a canny move by eBay to hold a flash sale a week before the October pay day to bump up sales.

The coupon has a few conditions:

  • Minimum spend £20
  • Maximum coupon value is £50 (so maximum discount applied when you spend £250 or more)
  • One coupon per user
  • You must check out using Paypal

29 Responses

  1. This is great news.

    I had a look at the details – first line of Terms and Conditions page says “Simply make a purchase on eBay.co.uk in an eligible category”. However, I cannot find a list of eligible categories. I would not want to email all my customers promoting this only to find out my category is not included. Any ideas?

  2. Sounds good, but the cynicist in me is just waiting to see how this goes wrong – like most ebay deas.

  3. I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it, I simply don’t seem to be on their list. I can find and read the FAQ on how to use it . . . I just haven’t got it.

    Pity . . . I would have used it.

  4. Call me a party pooper but be interesting to see which categories qualify and how sellers are impacted by this. From my point of view I don’t want to give away 20% and ebay have not asked me to sign up to this. I assume it is coming out of ebay’s pocket and fee income so indirectly I am funding this through my fees which suggests they are way too high in the first place if ebay can afford promotions like this!

  5. Paypal took the full amount even though the £50 discount was showing when checked out. Very angry!!!! Grrrr

    How do I get the £50 discount refunded that is shown on the order print out?

  6. Just checked Paypal again and a related transaction is showing under the transaction for Voucher £50 but no credit in the statement.

  7. Some big outlets have put their prices up by over 20% within the last 24hrs. I have proof of many items I have been watching. I don’t trust these codes nor eBay!

  8. A double bonus as the ebay store of the large bricks and mortar chain was giving £20 discount on purchases over £250 so saved a total £70 on a planned purchase from a competing white goods shed! ebay should be philanphropic more often! 🙂

  9. Great stuff, we have just had a call from a customer asking about a product and saying they are ordering on Ebay as they have 20% off… and then in comes that order….. Lovely, thanks Ebay.

    I hope some more come flooding in 🙂

  10. nice idea,

    but as usual, if i dont need something, it wont make me buy a needless item just to save 20%.

    but i bet many people will do, because they thing there getting a bargain!

    obviously if i had my eye on something, id buy it, and the cheaper the better.

    it just makes me thing of black friday lol, people buying things they dont need, because its on “offer”, which i have seen sellers put up the 20% anyway, so whos winning lol

  11. A buyer who missed this promo but made a purchase contacted us first thing today and asked for a 20% refund or he’s cancelling. Charming.

    Nearly Monday.

  12. Brilliant – first time I have logged onto Ebay for over a year.

    Bought an Xbox with game for £224 and cost Ebay money in the process.

    WIN WIN in my books.

    I will let my account go back to dormancy now.


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