Giving the instore experience on marketplaces

Many Tamebay readers will have bricks and mortar shops or trade counters and it’s easy to think that you’re selling on eBay, maybe Amazon as well, so the job is done.

Life unfortunately is more complicated than that and the way that people shop both in stores and online is changing. Retailers need to change the way that they think and rather than have their online and offline operations in different silos need to respond with the best experience no matter where the customer is shopping.

Integrating your online and offline sales starts with marketing and social media, every touch point with customers should be designed to help them connect with you from adding URLs and Hashtags to everything from posters and receipts instore to invoices and packing slips for online sales. Connect with your followers on social media and insofar as it’s possible offer the same experience as a customer would expect instore when they’re buying from your website or eBay.

Retailers need to look and act as one unit. Retailers may refer to ‘multichannel’ and ‘omnichannel’, but the customer has never, ever, considered this. To the customer, retailers are a single entity that either delights or disappoints. So whether your customers shop via a widget on Facebook, or ask for details via live chat, you should be able to provide consistent information, service and transact with them in real time.

If you’d like to find out more including six tips on how to give the best customer experience online and offline, download the latest ebook from eSeller – “The Ultimate guide To Integrating Online and Offline Sales”.

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