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PCA Predict (Formerly Postcode Anywhere) launched the UK’s first ‘Checkout Validation Bundle’ to help retailers streamline their checkout ahead of the holiday season.

The tool, named Checkout+ verifies all three major points of contact: addresses, emails and mobile phones, to improve the customer experience and increase the accuracy of data capture for online retailers.


Checkout+ verifies all three major points of contact: addresses, emails and mobile phones, to improve the customer experience and increase the accuracy of data capture for e-tailers. The tool:

  • Allows retailers to confirm the existence of email mailboxes and mobile phone numbers, ensuring continued communication at every stage.
  • Assures customers that their order has been effectively processed, while cutting down the need for extensive data exchange.
  • Allows all three services to be maintained under one key, saving retailers time and making it easier to implement the service online or via the app.

The business case for Checkout+

The launch follows new research carried out by PCA Predict which discovered that 85% of online shoppers would abandon their order if presented with complicated or lengthy checkout forms, which are often the result of required contact information. This is even more annoying on mobile checkouts.

PCA Predict’s new product will assist online retailers in overcoming this challenge. Checkout+ makes the checkout process simple, easy and accurate by simplifying the checkout form and validating customer data at the point of entry. Using auto-complete technology, this tool allows faster input and accuracy of address details, which ensures successful deliveries and improved user experience.

The research carried out by PCA Predict highlights the need for improved communication with customers at each touch point along their purchase journey. Capturing a valid email address is vital for keeping the customer reassured about their order, while phone numbers are increasingly requested to provide updates via SMS at times when telephone communication is more convenient.

All I wish is that it was compulsory on every website (especially eBay!).

11 Responses

  1. details? any kind of details? pricing? how it works? any guarantee once it tells you its valid, that its actually valid? does it work with ebay? amazon? will it integrate with my sites? does it bug the customer with unnecessary verifications?

  2. looks like it costs £2000 for a year….
    pay-as-you-go options available, from about 16p(ish) for a single 3-point lookup.

  3. Should have come to me for advise on selling phones. I’ve sold so many OnePlus’s that i’ve saved enough money to have subways for lunch until the end of 2017.

  4. Hi James,

    Yes that’s all correct. Not only does it create a good experience for your customers but it ensures you are capturing accurate data at the point of entry. More information about Checkout+ available here: https://bit.ly/1MvLTxj

    Would be happy to speak to you in more detail about how this could be relevant for your site if you’d like to get in touch?

  5. Hi James,

    We offer different price plans depending on the services that you require. The annual license for the checkout bundle (all 3 services) starts at £2000.

    If you would like more information regarding this drop me an email at [email protected] and I can put you in contact with the relevant person.


  6. Hi

    It’s a good add on for all e-tailers to prevent wrong address been input by customers unintenciously, or scammer submitting false email and phone number then claiming not received and want refund.

    I’m wondering if it can be integrated to Linnworks?

    Also can you give details on how you check a mobile phone is valid?


  7. Hi

    Does it work with Linnworks?

    Do you offer monthly payment plan on your £2000 package?




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