Black Friday 2015: Amazon UK’s biggest day

Amazon has reported that last Friday, Black Friday, was its most successful day ever in the UK with 7.4 million sales made. That’s something like 86 sales per second. Sadly we don’t have a number of what that meant in pounds.

It seems like some of the ridiculous frenzied scenes we saw last year on the High Street were not repeated as shoppers turned to ecommerce to grab the bargains.

It’s said that roughly 20% of online retailers experienced some kind of downtime and outage problems (although not eBay for once) with John Lewis, Boots and GAME all named as companies having problems withe their websites. Agency Ampersand kept a watching brief there.

Ampersand MD Darryl Adie suggested this was a good opportunity to think ahead to 2016: “For retailers that have been adversely affected by increased Black Friday traffic online, now is the perfect the time to act fast and gather all the data they have available to them. Although it’s a long way off, the next few weeks should be used to prepare for Black Friday 2016. Ever-extending sales periods like this are notoriously hard to predict. Retailers should immediately delve deep into hour-by-hour analytics reporting and cross check with how and when systems outages occurred. Starting load and performance testing right away will give retailers the best chance of avoiding outages next year.”

And, of course, we’re expecting more deals and excitement as Cyber Monday kicks off.

Perhaps of more interest is whether the interest, publicity and traffic generated by the Black Friday hype that Amazon has clearly so successfully surfed also benefited Amazon third-party sellers. We do hope so.

And how are you keeping up? Busy? Having any problems with couriers?

If you’re an Amazon seller, tip us the wink. Has it been a good weekend for you?

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like a funeral parlour for us; but browsing Amazon was interesting, Prime customers had a 30 minute window to grab the bargains ahead of the general public. Not a prime subscriber, I was given the message 'you can buy this in .. with a countdown timer. Great stuff , rather reminded me of the excitement of ebay auctions in the early days - . So I purchased a black friday deal , saving 30%, and you get 15 minutes to pay or lose it. That was pretty cool too, adding to the immediacy of the event. Amazon do so have it worked out. Opting for economy free delivery , estimate at tues- thurs, the item arrived yesterday - yes Sunday.

steve • 30th November 2015 •

Interesting. Prime customers do get preferential treatment, it seems. dw

Dan Wilson • 1st December 2015 •

Amazoning week for us last week. Friday ( & .com) sales up greatly giving us our best UK week to date. 1 Vendor deal wasn't displaying correctly giving a very poor 3% claimed.3 more live today hoping for at least 50% claim conversion on those. I grabbed some great lightning deals for myself although I did quickly check the ACTUAL RRP price before checking out each deal. Great week. Lets see how 'Cyber Monday' compares to Friday! -Carl

Carl Yaxley • 30th November 2015 •

Let us know how Cyberman Day went. :)

Dan Wilson • 1st December 2015 •

'YOU MUST BE AN AMAZON PRIME MEMBER OR WAIT 15 MINUTES' 9 minutes latter........ 100% OFFER CLAIMED. Good sale man!

ifellow • 30th November 2015 •

We pushed out our Black Friday event across our own site, Amazon & EBay. Whilst our own site broke it's daily record due to our customer database and email marketing, I have to say Amazon shocked us. We noticed a real decline in sales in the week running up to Friday - but on Friday itself the orders where high in value and regular so to us a great success. One of the great things about Amazon is that you don't have to delivery everything within 1 or 2 days - mainly we do anyway, but you don't have too giving some breathing space. As for your question about couriers - having changed to DPD only a few weeks ago they are in a different league to others. Best decision we have made. We don't take part in Cyber Monday. Short sharp deals in my opinion is better than dragging it out.

Darren • 30th November 2015 •

DPD have been getting a lot of praise lately. Thanks for your comments.

Dan Wilson • 1st December 2015 •

Our website and Amazon sales were rapid and pleasing. On the other hand the only eBay action we got were two "where's my item?" Messages that both, after some considerable effort, were found to have been signed for by family members. Amazing what DPD can prove now. And I think that just about sums it up....

Jonah • 30th November 2015 •

Good insight. Thanks. Was eBay really so slow? Is that normally a big percentage of your sales? dw

Dan Wilson • 1st December 2015 •

Amazon has been insane for us and it is showing no signs of slowing down, it's relentless. eBay has been up on last year but you wouldn't have thought it was Black Friday weekend at all, pretty disappointing. We've actually had to close eBay due to trying to cope with demand on Amazon and Etsy. Didn't do any offers either, just mop up traffic so we're delighted.

Claire • 30th November 2015 •

Interesting what you say about eBay. We haven't heard much about it being stellar there. But glad Amazon was flying for you. Good news.

Dan Wilson • 1st December 2015 •

Thanks Dan, yesterday turned out to be our most successful day so far on there - just got to post it all now - eek!

Claire • 1st December 2015 •

Interesting what Jonah and Claire say about Ebay. I do think Ebay customers complain more than those on Amazon, but maybe that is because Ebay encourage it. A year ago if I was asked I would have said I prefer Ebay to Amazon as a seller - but now it is completely the other way.

Darren • 1st December 2015 •

Darren, I completely agree. We started with eBay so that was all we knew. We resisted Amazon until about 2 years ago. We decided to give it a try when eBay was starting to put the squeeze on sellers with return requirements etc. Customers seem to be very trigger happy if their item is like an hour late to open up a case. Even though I don't like having to offer free returns on clothing on Amazon etc they do give a lot more flexibility in terms of despatch dates and customers tend to be generally a lot more polite. This weekend we did more business on Etsy than eBay which was very unexpected, we had a MAJOR surge and you can set your own despatch times on there which suits us fine. I was expecting a lot more from eBay this weekend but it delivered the same as normal.

Claire • 1st December 2015 •