eBay site glitches and running slow

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eBay BugeBay have having a few problems this morning, with readers reporting that the site has been unresponsive overnight giving slow access to the site. Sellers are telling us that they’re unable to process orders.

We’re also hearing that eBay’s glitches may be impacting third party management platforms who rely on eBay’s API to keep stock levels updated and download orders from eBay.

While there’s no official notice on eBay’s announcement board, eBay have posted the following on their Facebook page:

We are aware that some users are experiencing slowness or loading issues when accessing certain parts of our site. Our teams are working urgently to address these issues. Our highest priority is our members’ trading success. We understand that this issue has also resulted in some customers having difficulty contacting our customer service teams. We apologize for any inconvenience this interruption may have causesd. We will share additional information with our community as it becomes available“.

Edited to add:

We’ve just heard from eBay who have told us “We have resolved a networking error that was causing some customers to experience slowness or loading issues when access certain parts of the eBay site. This has been fully resolved and we apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused“.

15 Responses

  1. Ebay is a total mess. Sold items not showing as sold (unless you use paypal), messages not accessible, shops erratic, searches returning no results, buyers unable to checkout and not even decent communication from Ebay as usual. And they are promoting balck friday????

  2. Still can’t find out the status of items I bid on last night – the items have either vanished or come up with garbled nonsense.

    Sellers must be pulling their hair out.

    The bare minimum for any site is to be up and fully functional.

    I think Ebay are playing down the severity of the issue, which from my experience was a total outage for several hours, seemingly caused by .com falling over around 11pm last night.

    They still make billions (God knows how) so why not invest some of it in decent infrastructure and replace the disgracefully disfunctional and outdated Turbolister ?

  3. …no doubt they’ll be working on some devious way of hitting us with a defect for this, it’s got to be the sellers fault surely.

  4. I think any sellers reading this should also be concerned about sales being affected – I’m also a buyer, and was prevented from bidding on several items around 11am and 12noon, with error messages telling me something like ‘the item you are looking for has been removed or the auction has been ended”, which was actually nonsense.
    Some sellers will have lost quite a lot of money through this, and will be mostly unable to prove it of course. Then think of buyers who perhaps missed an important auction, and decide enough is enough, so sellers lose future sales as well.

  5. I almost always experience slowness or complete failure, especially when compared to other sites. Ebay is a shambles.

  6. My auction finished last night. I start the price at the lowest possible, to let the market decide the value. I had some bids during the week, but no additional bids yesterday, which is unusual. It also finished about 50% lower than anticipated. Thanks eBay!!!

    I won’t cancel the sale with the buyer even if they offer to protect my account, as the buyer is also bidding on other items – why would I want to upset a potential repeat future customer?

    What a mess!

  7. it has not been resolved until now ,
    -cant login
    -cant leave feedback follow up replies
    -no TRS badge displaying on half of our listings
    -sending us errors that our eBay ID is not a valid USER ID
    -cant upload photos
    and the glitches go on an on … this Christmas I don’t think that we will be able to clear our Christmas stock.

  8. Zero sales this weekend. Could not upload pictures last night.
    Affecting many sellers at a crucial time of year


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