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  1. Ebay gets it right.

    It’s a shopping site, and not everyone wants to be reminded of (or even know of) bad news that happens. People come to shop.

    I’ve actually visited a bunch of non-news sites this morning, and none of them had any reference to the recent news on the front page, so I guess that makes them pro-terrorist then, eh?

  2. Ebay probably have more important things on their hands (see URL).

    I myself cannot check Ebay messages, or do various things in My Ebay without an error coming up.

  3. Dreadful events en Paris, to be sure …
    But not a meaningful opportunity to have a pop at eBay. Good on Amazon for the above the fold tribute, but so far Google, Bing, Apple, etc all have their usual homepages too.

    Besides, eBay must be way to busy sorting out 101 glitches this morning:
    No personal info in my ebay
    Search functionality beyond patchy
    Hide & seek watched item listings
    No sales history
    & more!!!

  4. I dont know if you have realised but eBay is experiencing massive issues today, the site is awful! So they could have put something up and its not loaded?! 😉

    Our eBay customer Services girls have several hundred messages on there to do, but it just wont load them up which is going to cause a significant strain to them on monday!

  5. Long time reader, first time poster. I don’t think it’s appropriate or tasteful to point out (in your opinion) ebays failings versus a competitior.

    Could you not have simply posted Amazons home page and showed solidarity with the that? Seems like a cheap point to make.

  6. Amazon are very much on their own with this editorial decision so why single out ebay and not Tesco, Asda, M&S and all? In fact why try to encourage debate at all? Are we now saying that every time there is an act of terrorism eccommerce websites should modify their homepage?

  7. Whilst fully in agreement with the emotions behind a show of sympathy etc, I go to Amazon, ebay etc for buying and selling purposes, not to be reminded of the news story which surely has to be universally known by now.
    I actually now think less highly of Amazon for using such a story for some kind of self promotion – what about those who are so traumatised by those events and really need some escape, so choose to look for a bit of normality by way of shopping, only to have the horror brought to their attention yet again.
    It wouldn’t be my ideal way of blocking things out, but I feel we don’t need to be swamped by reminders at every turn.

  8. ~
    I can see much irony here.

    The eBay site was pretty much unusable for a large chunk of today even though the eBay UK announcement board implies that the period was for less than 1 hour – it was much much longer than that.

    If Tamebay (an ecommerce blog site) wants to make any sort of comment outside of ecommerce than they really do need to have an angle. There was no angle offered.


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