Update on eBay site glitches with fee credits

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On Saturday, November 14, eBay was glitchy and unresponsive giving slow access to the site. eBay have reported this was due to network connectivity issue in one of their data centers and acknowledged that eBay users experienced intermittent difficulties when trying to use eBay.

eBay have said that the situation has been resolved, and that no action is required by you, your seller status won’t be affected, and fees will be credited for listings that were scheduled to end between 6:25 AM to 2:49 PM on Saturday the 14th.

Fee credits will be applied to Auction-style listings that ended within this window of time (except those that sold for a Buy It Now price) and for Fixed price listings that ended within this window of time without a sale (with the exception of 30-day and Good ‘Til Cancelled listings). Credits will be applied to your account and reflected on your next invoice.

In addiont any transaction defects eBay can identify as resulting from this event will be removed and not impact your performance record.

Steve Boehm, eBay Senior Vice President of Global Customer Experience has apologised saying “We understand the impact that situations like this can have on your business, and we sincerely apologize for this disruption. As always, thank you for being a part of the eBay community“.

21 Responses

  1. How on earth are they going to compensate those sellers who had auctions end with a sale, but who had buyers unable to bid ?
    I was trying to bid on several items from a seller who always starts very low, but their items can fetch anywhere between a pound and over a hundred pounds – how can that seller for example, prove what price they should have received ?
    His business seems big enough to take the hit, but spare a thought for small sellers who are usually also buyers – they’ll have lost money, so will have less to spend back on ebay, never mind newbies who could be put off ebay for a few months as a result.
    A thousand free listings for everyone as compensation – in my dreams, or on ebay.com frequently.

  2. Things even now are still very much broken all across the site. Late last night (15/11/15) I got this message when trying to buy an item “We are having a technical hiccup and PayPal isn’t available right now. You can pay with a credit or debit card instead.”
    After three attempts it finally went through. But I wonder how many faced with the same thing would go elsewhere?

    As for sales, they’re well below what I’d expect mid November, Friday was ramping up nicely then from Saturday morning it died. So many different reports of all sorts not working across the site including the most important one of not being able to buy things. eBay feels more like some rusty old bags of bolts every day.

  3. …just tried to bulk edit some of my listings and after a lot of errors and retries I managed to get to a selection page to choose which listings to edit, tried to submit the changes and got:

    ‘There was a system problem. Please click ‘OK’ and try again later.’

    Very few sales today, this isn’t good enough and is fast becoming very tiresome!

  4. Shock horror… its broken AGAIN…

    Can’t revise a listing.

    Feature unavailable
    This feature is temporarily unavailable
    Your selections have caused errors. Please click Continue below to go back and correct your errors.

  5. reminds us of the old days when you crossed your fingers that your auction would complete before the site crashed,

    and turbo lister wont work keeps asking for a password

  6. Pretty poor show yet again on what is supposed to be one of the busiest weeks of the year.

    They can’t even get the basics right these days, like keeping the site running! Never mind the simple stuff, like having the Add tracking detail page show the actual customers shipping address and not their registered address. Not much help when shipping to Argos is it.


  7. Haven’t been able to list since 2.15pm and was slow this morning. Not too happy at being accused by Ebay that it’s the lister’s fault either.

    Get’s worse, now I can’t edit existing or scheduled listings.

  8. do the silly sods not understand that every time this happens
    its another nail in the coffin, ebay please stop buggering about with silly options and add ons get the basics right, exterminate the daft sod that maintains the site or who is writing your code

  9. Search just bringing up promoted listings – which is terrible because anything i list sells!

  10. Can’t list can’t buy can’t get them on phone
    This is ridiculous
    I’ve 900 listings sat doing nothing


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