Using Instagram to grow your marketplace sales


Milo Spencer-HarperMagi Metrics was founded in March 2014 by Milo Spencer-Harper to help people get their data into Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets for analysis. Due to popular demand, in September 2015 they decided to focus on Instagram and Wufoo.

If you want to export your data (or a competitors) from Instagram into your spreadsheet with a single click then Magi Metrics is for you. Then you can find Instagram influencers in your industry, discover how popular and relevant they are to your brand and reach out to them to help you grow your business.

Today Milo shares his top tips for using Instagram to increase your marketplace sales:

How to use Instagram to grow eBay and Amazon sales

Magi MetricsIf you are selling on eBay or Amazon Marketplace, you should be using Instagram to increase your sales. Normally selling on these online marketplaces means you risk competing on price, as often you will be only one of many sellers offering the same product. But by using social media such as Instagram, you can strengthen your brand and obtain buyers who will only consider buying from you. In other words, you can grow your sales and your margins at the same time.

What is Instagram?

InstagramInstagram is a photo sharing website with over 400 million users. The average Instagram user spends 21 minutes per day using the application. By creating an Instagram account and photographing your products, you can reach an entirely new audience.

In the caption of the photo, you can include clickable links to your product on eBay or Amazon – providing a direct route to purchase. Since customers are coming directly to your page, they aren’t seeing your competitors, which gives you more pricing power and allows you to maintain better margins.

Using Instagram influencers to boost your profile

A clever trick is to ask influential people on Instagram to blog about your products for you. Some Instagrammers have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers – we call these people influencers. This creates a huge opportunity to advertise your products. You can find influencers in your industry and offer them free products or financial incentives to post a picture of themselves wearing or using one of your items. However, make sure the influencer declares their sponsorship, to comply with ASA rules.

Tracking success on Instagram

SalesIf you use Instagram to send traffic to your own website, you have the added advantage that you can track the performance of each Instagram influencer. You can generate a unique code for each influencer and insert it in the link you give to them. That way you can see which influencer was responsible for which sales, by using free software such as Google Analytics. You can even have a revenue sharing deal with an influencer to make sure your interests are completely aligned.

Wondering where to start?

Magi Metrics have written a handy guide to get you started using Instagram.


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