1/3 of UK shoppers are disappointed by Click & Collect

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40% of UK shoppers used Click & Collect in some way over the Christmas 2015 period. But, according to a survey, more than a third (36%) said that it didn’t live up to expectations.

31% grumbled that the retailer didn’t have a dedicated in-store spot for Click & Collect. The same number said that they experienced longer than hoped for waiting times because there wasn’t adequate staff provision. And 24% said they waited because staff in-store took a long time to find their purchases.

The findings come from the JDA & Centiro Christmas Customer Pulse 2016.

Jason Shorrock, vice president of retail strategy at JDA, said: “While online retail continues to see unprecedented growth in the UK, Christmas shoppers continued to be plagued with problems concerning their online orders. While issues with home deliveries are nothing new, more worrying for many retailers is that this Christmas exposed cracks in their ‘Click & Collect’ operations.”

“Shoppers are showing a growing preference for ‘Click & Collect’ as it offers them the convenience they crave and it is vital that retailers get it right. However, without the effective management of staff, stores and inventory, retailers risk damaging customer relationships. Ironically, at a time when the online channel continues to grow, the in-store experience is becoming ever more important. As the survey findings show, today’s online customer has no qualms about taking their business elsewhere if retailers don’t meet their expectations.”

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  1. 40 % of all UK shoppers? Really? I think that must be a false statistic. It just doesn’t ring true against my experience as a seller, nor against what you hear from social contacts, or what you see in the media and in the high street. 40% would actually be an extraordinarily high figure.

    Not surprised by the findings. I suffer a much higher rate of “Loss” sending to Click & Collect locations than I do to home or business addresses, which suggest Click and Collect locations may not be as well organised and reliable as they could be. Every loss is a disappointed customer.

  2. My personal experience would suggest that the 40% dissatisfaction figure could be accurate. Wonder how this might impact ebay feedback for those who offer click and collect?

    Went to Currys and joined a “knowhow” queue as only one queuing point. It then takes 20 minutes to pick up item. Bit unlucky though as when quiet pick up can be speedy. Trouble with “click and collect” is that you are gambling that at the time of collection the pick up point is not busy. The Tesco collection point in the larger stores that have dedicated collection points are often not staffed and you then have to find somebody who has to find somebody who is trained with the collection system and who knows the passcode to the security door. Don’t know about ebay/Argos as don’t use as for me not convenient but if it is not dedicated it could be a poor experience during peak shopping season.

  3. honestly, people want to check their expectations, using a computer seems akin to mind-altering drugs with what it does to peoples expectations.

    “its 2 days before christmas, think i’ll pop down the local shopping mall”.
    “are you crazy? it will be mobbed, you’ll que for hours”.
    “no, i reserved online, so when i get there, the shop will be completely empty, or the staff will drop everything they’re doing to serve me first”.
    “did it say online that would happen?”
    “no, i just assume these things because computers.”

  4. yeah, its not that long ago resisting click and collect turned you into some sort of leper on ebay

  5. homebase has just been sold today , so ebays click & collect deal with argos could very well unravel

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