eBay down this morning?

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eBay BugWe are getting reports that eBay appears to be down this morning. It could be Friday maintenance but it is unusual for the site to be unavailable.

Hopefully by 9am when you are ready to start work in earnest all will be well but it might be worth having an effects cup of tea before you try logging on.

We’ll update as soon as we hear more.

0900 Update

eBay tell us that there are no problems and some who reported problems have now been able to log in. Are you able to get into your sales to proceess orders?

1100 Update

It looks like it’s mainly England that’s affected according to the heat map on downdetector. If you are in Scotland, Wales or N Ireland you may be ok

2016-02-26 10.56.02

63 Responses

  1. I have done my usual morning sales (few!), relists, messages etc on 3 accounts, and all was fine up to 7:30 ish – and a quick check suggests it is still OK for me now.

  2. Nothing would show this morning in my ebay sales manager using the Microsoft browser so switched to Firefox and it all worked OK. It may be a browser thing.

    Just checked at 9:06am and Microsoft browser still not uploading sales pages.

  3. I have eBay issues with Chrome & Firefox and down detector says eBay is having issues today

    – Could be worse, it could be Monday

  4. My eBay really slow and now failing to open ,

    Issues with adding EANs onto last batch of 100 products , we add them on , submit them and when we go back in they still say there missing the EAN’s


  5. Ebay is very erratic for us here since 7am, cannot always login and the pages are slow to load and keeps crashing out.

    Very inconvenient when we are all wanting to get orders picked and packed and messages answered.

  6. Defo got issues, emails not opening, timeouts on many pages……As footy fans would sing. Here we go ..Here we go…Here we go

  7. Working fine for me, however yesterday was a different story, constant PNR, search not working, completed/sold item search not working….etc.

  8. Couldn’t get in at first, then eventually accessed but limited functionality, now can’t load anything again. Tried Chrome and IE, deleted browsing history, rebooted etc, but made no difference.

  9. I had issues this morning too – using Chrome
    Mainly failed connections but once upon refreshing the page, I had a different looking eBay home screen to the one I am used to. It looked like a new test home screen. I wish I had taken a a screen grab now.

  10. Been having problems all morning – can’t get in at all on Firefox – just times out – Chrome was better but now playing up as well.

  11. With over 16000 down detector comments so far today is ebay a marketplace you can give up on even with its faults?

  12. Down here in N.I also, slow at loading and then times out, then does connect but very slow. Using Chrome and Firefox makes no difference. Trying to put a listing on via seller manager pro, inventory but ebay just times out. Very frustrating.

  13. With reference to the update, I’m in Scotland and its fine. I’ve been listed and searching for items without any issues.

  14. Taking forever to find addresses for labels, sometimes timing out. Taken an hour to print 12 labels!

  15. Intermittent success – with accessing different functions. Accessing and replying to messages has been the trickiest part of my day so far. Just managed to print out my orders before the site timed out. Again. Sigh.

  16. All over the place this morning, sometimes pages work other times they can’t connect. The rest of the web sites I normally visit are fine, so it has to be an eBay specific problem.

  17. Now been virtually unusable for over 3.5 hours. Needless to say I have no sales this morning. I have messages that won’t load. Any editing or updating fails. Impossible to get to Announcements to see if Ebay are saying anything helpful. Could be an afternoon off!

  18. Been up and down all morning. The front end seems OK but SM Pro is erratic and I can’t get into messages.

    I’m also getting email notifications from PayPal of payments received, but no corresponding emails from eBay.

  19. An ebay planned outage to increase the seller defect rate maybe? Ebay should own up to a gigantic **** and wipe the defect slate clean for all sellers and not just for the last 24 hours or whatever short term period of grace they come up with. It would be the decent thing to do.

  20. It’s been down all morning for me too. Linnworks seems to be updating with no errors, and has been pulling ebay orders through though which is odd. My last ebay order to come through was at 11:19, so the API seems to be working at least. I just can’t log on to answer questions.

  21. Still own for me in South Wales since 7:30 this morning. Spoke to eBay about half an hour ago. Was told they haven’t received a single report of any issues. Was told to change browser and clear cache and cookies (All done beforehand). Contacted customer services on 0345 355 3229 as couldn’t get through on the site.

  22. Do not install Firefox.
    Ignore these incorrect claims on here.

    eBay the joke site that it is, is down

  23. “If you are in Scotland, Wales or N Ireland you may be ok”

    Certainly problems here in Wales (near Swansea), sometimes nothing loads for a couple of minutes and it times out, then after a couple of refreshes it works fine. All other websites apparently as normal, just Ebay.

    Perhaps it’s a BT issue, or are people having issues with other ISPs too?

  24. BT (plusnet) – various things failing – api (3rd party program revisions), main site, now just can’t access selling manager.

  25. Boy it’s a mess…

    “Time left:” for items on messages now showing “—“, causing the following error when sending:

    “The question you are trying to answer is either invalid or older than 90 days. You can’t respond to questions older than 90 days.”

    On the plus side, iPhone hotspot 😉

  26. The connection has timed out – this is what I get all day long. Can’t access Summary page, message, and Sold. West Sussex . BT Broadband

  27. Still not working correctly in N.Ireland time now 4pm, wont load pages, times out constantly. It has been like this all day. Nightmare

  28. Ebay has not been working properly all day, still not working now.

    Linnworks seems to be getting orders OK but the volume of orders is way down on what we normally get.

    It’s yet another strike against ebay for us, what with all the hassle, grief and stress and now these downtimes compared to other marketplaces, ebay is losing it’s way big time.

  29. down still in N.ireland – zero business done today. 1 request opened and I cant get near it. tried to backdoor through US via proxy and tried the US site but no joy

  30. Absolutely no explanation or update from Ebay today about another major outtage.

    Nix !

    Whatever golf course you’re on, Mr overpaid Wenig, why don’t you get your ass down to the office and fix your broken pile of poo.

  31. 7 hours later and not processed a single order from overnight and not sold anything all day either.

    From what I can tell, not a single announcement from eBay either, I can’t be sure of this because the announcement page won’t ****** load.

    eBay, you’ve heard of social media yeah?

    What a ******* shower.

  32. Still not working here. Unable to access any function and not had any sales.

    Ironically received message from them this afternoon informing me that I had lost my Top Seller Status….I think that they might have lost a seller.

    Will concentrate on Amazon and the other platforms from today onwards.

    Bye bye eBay….b*****ks to you!


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