Reports of website problems on eBay UK today

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We’ve been inundated today with messages and comments regarding eBay’s website. As many of you have noted there have been site problems today on eBay UK that have had a significant impact on using the marketplace to buy and sell. We reported the issue this morning.

In the absence of an official announcement from eBay, here’s what we know:

– Beginning at approximately 7:30am this morning

– Problems experienced by sellers included not being able to access the site at all, pages not loading, difficulty logging in, problems using key functions in My eBay such as using My Messages. Others reported a general sluggishness with the site.

– Whilst seemingly widespread, it’s not universal. And the heat map on downdetector suggested problems were centred in England and Wales.

– Some have speculated that the cause could be a BT network problem. BT is reporting broadband issues across a wide swathe of the country but if it is a BT issue that doesn’t really explain why only eBay is affected and others aren’t.

– was unaffected.

– We’ve had reports from users of third party software that they were not affected.
Apps were also affected.

– It does seem to be ongoing at time of writing. (Roughly 7pm on Friday). Although down detector reports have diminished.

The site problems have obviously been a major headache for sellers, some of whom report that they have been unable to process orders and make their despatches for the day. And that could have an impact on their Seller Performance. It’s less than a week since the new on time despatch metric was launched and problems such as these really do hamper a seller’s ability to do the right thing.

How have you been affected?


50 Responses

  1. Still ongoing from earlier today. The rest of the Web is fine ,I’m on BT Infinity, every other site is as fast as normal. eBay is like an arthritic snail and many times page won’t load and time out.

    If there is a specific eBay / BT problem they need to sort it out fast.

  2. 10+ years on eBay and I genuinely can’t recall a Friday like this, aside from no sales and the complete lack of ability to process Thursdays orders what about communication FFS?

    The announcements page won’t load, has nobody in Richmond heard of Twitter or Facebook FFS. WTF is going on?

    You lot couldn’t run a ******** bath.


  3. eBay has been mostly inaccessible for us all today, they are blaming BT but we use plusnet and Virgin broadband and also Three on the mobile network and could not access eBay from any of them.

    I run a business that unfortunately relied too heavily on eBay, we have 10 members of staff who I still had to pay today even though we could not get all our orders and orders were well down compared to a normal day.

    eBay brings us so much grief and hassle that today’s outage has made me really think about if it’s worth it. We pay them tens of thousands of pounds a month in fees and they treat us like dirt, eBay don’t give a damn about sellers. They make us jump through hoops and regard us as criminals.

    Today’s experience just proves that eBay are on a slippery slope, That I can’t see them recovering from easily.

    There must be easier, less hassle ways of selling than eBay.

    I think it’s time to start investing my tens of thousands per month in eBay fees elsewhere.

  4. Great timing ebay. We only have 700 listings to revise this weekend and can hardly access the site!

  5. Ebay is a website

    Websites break

    No one is trying to steal your kidneys with a rusty spoon.

  6. I signed out and tried to sign back in on both phone and hudl and its saying my email/username is incorrect. I tried to go for another password just in case and it is still “loading” very annoying !!!

  7. 3rd party software *was* affected – sixbit had issues with slow updates of sales, and timeouts when revising listings (ebay unaccessable error). Aimco – albeit web based scraping – also failed to load selling manager pages.

    Had to fall back to using iphone / 4g as accespoint to do anything, otherwise i’d have missed all dispatches yesterday.

  8. Problems with hotel booking site on landline this morning no problem mobile ,
    Could it be the way some websites are coded and linked

  9. Just as per yesterday, still having problems accessing Ebay this end (BT line near Swansea).

    Messages time out twice, but after the 3rd refresh usually loads fine, as if nothing was wrong… so this issue has affected me for over 24 hours.

    Granted, as the Courier says above, it’s just one of those things with technology. However my main business is Ebay and we pay for BT Broadband and a monthly Ebay shop.

  10. Exactly the same this morning, messages are timing out and pages not loading.

    I’m on BT Broadband but no other website is causing these issues. Firefox will eventually load but Chrome is just hopeless, nothing whatsoever.

  11. Ebay replied to me on facebook late last night when I had diplomatically asked for an update on their timeline.
    They maintain it is a BT fault but were not willing to debate this – just closed answers!
    Anyway, even if BT is at fault, I would estimate that losing at least half of your audience / buyers / income is a bit of a problem?
    It’s a bit like saying you have blue eyes so we can’t log you in! Surely a large company like eBay has better grounds to talk to BT than thousands of BT customers going direct to BT.
    Anyway, I use a BT line through a wholesale supplier and as noted by others can get on every other site in the land other than eBay at home. I have come to my parent’s to work on my items to post – they are on virgin media and it’s like nothing has happened here. I assume that eBay uses virgin too then?
    This is a complete and utter joke in this day and age. On the bright side, I have discovered e-bid and since I can access that on a BT line will be mirroring my eBay shop there and will let you know the results

  12. Luckily for me I’m with Virgin so I had no problems accessing ebay yesterday, but I was worried that it would have an adverse effect on order numbers for the last 24hrs. Turns out I have more than normal.. go figure.

  13. I had trouble all day yesterday and I’m in the far North of Scotland – so it’s not just limited to England and Wales. And I’m on Plusnet and the rest of the web was ok -so it’s not just a BT issue.

    Even first thing this morning (Saturday 27 Feb) eBay was still a bit sluggish to load the Tracking/”Despatch Details” popup. Seems ok now though at around 10:15am.

    All-in-all it’s been a VERY FRUSTRATING Friday.

  14. No problems here yesterday or today, but I’ve got wifi internet via a T-Mobile wireless pointer – at a fiver a month through an ebay seller (urban storms if I’m allowed to plug them and their good service ?) it’s worth having as a back-up, especially when T-Mobile don’t cut you off when you reach the limit of your allowance, so it’s actually a month’s unlimited ebay, gmail etc for a fiver. Not high speed broadband performance of course, but no fibre optic cables where I am yet, so not a problem.

  15. There is a problem which is ebay related rather than BT (my ISP). If you try to get to messages through on-page links you are directed to a domain that starts.”” and the page fails to load.
    If you try to access a message through links in emails you are directed to a domain “” and it loads easily.Unfortunately when you reply to the message and try to send it redirects to a mesg address and fails.
    I would guess that the mesg domains are a new “improvement” that doesn’t work.
    Yesterday access to other pages was difficult but possible today they load easily.

  16. 0ur guess is its because ebays bloated links and cookies overloading a BT web service thats not running right

  17. I have been selling on eBay since 2002 I list items within one catagory I have perfect DSR power seller and have held top of page one ranking for over 5 years lowest price an items suplied 30 day returns 100% feedback with thousands of sales and premium seller staus from 5.00 pm yesterday aternoon all my listing bar one dissapeared to page 5 and 7 seven being the last page I contacted eBay who say it could be anything but nothing they have done ? I have changed nothing and no hoards of new sellers have listed. I am getting frustrated beyond belief has anybody else experienced this problem .

  18. Started at around 10pm the evening before for me. Coincidentally both companies were doing major work that evening.

    I still have about 70 PI’s (out of 1000’s, so not really leaving it to the last minute) to add and currently it is taking me 20mins to do each one!!!

  19. Saturday evening, ebay messages still not working properly, usually timing out. All other websites working fine, bt internet.

  20. Since being on bt and paying over the top prices my broadband is worse than dial up we had years ago the service is terrible they should be made to tell you that you are not going to get the service you have purchased if they know that you’re area is over subscribed instead of lying

  21. I was out all day Saturday so I did not log on. Today(Sunday 28/2) I logged on at 07.00 to catch up. Nothing working or only after a struggle and everything very slow. I have a lot of Press Releases to send out re yesterdays Political Committee Meeting. Google Chrome has not been able to find Gmail at all this morning.

    I did manage to get onto ebay but only after a struggle and every time I tried to move around within the site I would get This Website is unavailable. I tried to catch up with my Feedback just as bad. This is totally hopeless.

  22. Good morning all. 3rd day of exactly the same thing. Messages not loading twice (timing out), then it loads perfectly the third time.

  23. Day 3 today and still no access to many features including ebay messages. Sales have been absolutely shocking last 2 days, as in our worst for 11 years

  24. Have been unable to access ‘my EBAY ‘ selling pages since last Thursday 25th Feb!! So am stuck here twiddling my thumbs waiting for EBAY or BT to take responsibility & sort it out! As a new seller, am not very impressed with this . Hope there is no back-lash when (if!) someone bids for items I put up before system went into meltdown.

    Think I’ll stick with charity shops in future

  25. Strangely sales have been quite strong, but still can not access Messages. Most of Friday’s problems ahve been resolved but Messages has been problematic throughout. I did get in to them briefly yesterday morning after many attempts. I don’t know if people are still blaming BT but that reason seems highly unlikely. No excuses for Ebay. They have had warning after warning that their IT is both too complex and simply not robust enough. If they really want to continue to grow, that is what they need to fix first and foremost.

  26. The problem is still continuing, but I have found that messages etc are working but you sometimes need to reload the page once or twice (I’m on BT Fibre here). It seems eBay pages won’t load fast enough, which would seem to suggest the eBay bloat problem others have described.

    I have actually been pretty busy over the weekend though so it doesn’t seem to be causing buyers problems. The issue is more messages and seeing the details of sold items. The latter can of course be sidestepped by getting the buyer details from your Paypal account.

    Whilst there are workarounds though, that doesn’t mean eBay can/should abdicate responsibility. Neither does it justify their ongoing policy of refusing to acknowledge technical issues and communicate with their customers. Once again their response is pitifully inadequate.

  27. trying to refund the buyer via return request and unable to refund after 5 attempts so left it to refund later

    ERROR : listing has been removed ( although refund doesn’t have to do any thing with the listing ) and listing is live also hahaha

    and then on 3rd attempt page hanged and not allowing to refund .

  28. Im in Rep. Of Ireland. Same problems accessing MESSAGES since last Friday. It was ok for a couple of hours this morning, but its down again this afternoon..

  29. Been a few days now for me also BT user. wanted to buy a few things this weekend and have given up as pics/pages just wont load. been on ebay since before vladuz and never seen it like this.

  30. BT business broadband user here. Monday morning and still having no joy logging into eBay messages. Having to access messages over 4G network on my phone. Might try going through a proxy to access messages on my desktop. Sales not as expected over the weekend either, so pretty disappointed with this over all.

  31. UPDATE: I rebooted my computer and cleared the cahce from my browser (chrome) and this seems to have worked, I now have access to messages. So if you are still having problems this morning try that.

  32. Well what a joke of a weekend and on a PAY DAY WEEKEND somehow i had 35 sales but that’s a small amount to normal. I called Ebay and they blame BT …. so i called BT and they blamed EBAY. So work that one out. It would be nice for someone to just admit it, Amazon i hear sent a message out to their sellers saying they had an issue which is good customer service. I just find it very hard to understand why when you look at the outage map CHINA IS NEVER IN THE YELLOW OR RED ????????? hummmm

    Ebay get it fixed or BT


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