eBay to target ads based on your telly habits

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They call it “dual screening”. That’s where you’re sat watching the telly and also surfing the net using a mobile device such as an iPad or phone. And eBay has observed that what you’re watching on the box influences what you search for online. And if you consider that a great many of eBay’s 19 million months visitors are likely search the site and watching the box, then that offers an opportunity to target them with relevant ads.

Phuong Nguyen of eBay Advertising UK says “Dual screening means big business for brands, and marketers shouldn’t underestimate the power of TV to inspire real-time purchases. Brands can’t advertise on the BBC but, in a way, on eBay now they can. This is a great example of technology-enabled creativity and once again shows that the marketers that act fast will be best placed to capitalise.

Soaring mobile use has powered the rise of dual screening in recent years. In fact, over half of sales globally on ebay.co.uk involve a mobile touch point. With 90% of our users now logged in across all devices, the beauty of eBay is that we are able to follow shoppers throughout their purchase journey, regardless of the device they are using – enabling the greatest degree of relevancy in advertising campaigns.”

A trial last year during the Great British Bake Off final saw likely baking enthusiasts presented with targeted ads from the Co-operative Electrical and it was successful according to Charlie Manson at the firm: “The Bake Off offers a huge, captive audience for our kitchenware category so it was a no-brainer for us to capitalise on last year’s final. We saw a 22% increase in clicks on The Co-operative Electrical’s eBay page in the hour after the show finished (9-10 pm) and a 40% increase in click through rate for ads targeting baking keywords during the same period. This definitely makes real-time targeting a top marketing priority for us in 2016.”

7 Responses

  1. Wont work on me because I record everything, I haven’t watched an evening show on live TV in years.

  2. This story is not about watching TV but about more adds popping up in my ebay listings during prime selling time. I want to sell my stuff on ebay and get the best prices, not be a advert magnet. After all isn’t that what my ebay fees are for?

  3. Isn’t being “able to follow shoppers throughout their purchase journey” also known as stalking? (Defined as unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person).

  4. I love the way ebay come up with something and think it’s new, it’s not, it’s marketing as it has always been done, something popular or in the news then promote it.

    I dont watch TV, but if Im plagued with anymore adverts on ebay then I’ll be buying elswhere, I open ebay currently and think Im on Ocean finances website the adverts are plastered all over..

    I’d much rather ebay got on with fixing the multitude of glitches and simplified the website instead inventing rubbish ideas, constant changes and the scatter gun approach to links, tabs, settings, etc

    We carried out a sample survey in our B&M shopwhen looking to further online presence with ebay, what put people off, constant changes, poor search, foreign tat and an unreliable hard to navigate website..thats what you need to concentrate on ebay.


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