One Stop Order Processing adds NetDespatch integration

NetDespatch have announced that One Stop Order Processing (OSOP) is the latest ecommerce systems provider to join thir Partner Programme, seamlessly integrating with Royal Mail, printing labels and producing all other manifests and documentation.

OSOP is written by Mole End Software, a UK based development house that has been developing eCommerce software since 2002. The solution is a fully featured, configurable multichannel order processing system. It allows customers to manage all of their orders in one place and access their orders from anywhere on their Local Area Network. Customers can quickly and easily take all orders from being received to being despatched and manage their internet orders in a way that best fits their business model.

We are unique because we develop and support our own solutions but we also directly run eight online shops,” explained OSOP, Development Manager, Jan Strassen. “We use our software to run the shops and so this has given us a really good insight into what is important in order processing software. We understand what customers need when they call with problems because we also undertake similar tasks ourselves. I think that this gives us an edge over other software houses”.

Jan explained that a particular challenge for OSOP customers was the time and complications associated with integrating with various postal and parcel carriers, particularly Royal Mail, so much so that OSOP had contemplated designing its own solution. Prior to the partnership with NetDespatch OSOP offered customers a manual export, which involved exporting a file to their PC and then importing it to their courier. This worked reasonably well but having a fully linked system is a lot better and far more efficient.

Jan says that they were on the brink of developing their own solution and the partnership with NetDespatch easily saved a year in development time.”

Through its partnership with NetDespatch, OSOP has been able to respond almost immediately to the new Royal Mail requirement for 2D barcode labels. In addition to this, OSOP will now be able to boost the delivery options available to its customers, by offering integration with most other UK carriers.

If you are still looking for a label printing solution for Royal Mail and other couriers then OSOP is all set to make your life easy. If you’re a software developer thinking of writing your own courier integrations, take a look at Netdespatch first to see if they can assist you (their service is free!)

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