AdLister: The first listing tool to support eBay Mobile Item Description Summaries

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AdLister are the first listing tool to fully support eBay’s new Mobile Item Description Summaries. Just six days after eBay’s latest Seller Release, AdLister have updated their software to enable you to easily add a custom Item Description Summary without needing to know any HTML.

Mobile Item Description Summaries

Whilst the change is not live on eBay just yet, Ad-lister users can now get a head start to be ready for July’s launch date by editing and adding the description summaries for each of their products. Once eBay makes the section live, all that is necessary is a one click bulk revision to eBay for the changes to be sent to eBay for all of the products held within Ad-lister.

AdLister Description Summary and DescriptionTo make it easier, AdLister have included a feature that will copy the main description to the description summary ready for tidying up. There is a character counter so that users can ensure the 800 limit is maintained.

Users that have a large set of products can make use of the automated process that will automatically copy the description’s for all of the products and either export them via CSV for bulk changes or edit them within the interface one at a time.

New customers may also benefit from this feature as Ad-lister can also import all your live eBay items for editing and then revision sent to eBay your live eBay lsitings. You can also use this opportunity to also add a uniformed template as the builder is also included or have a full custom design.

AdLister’s new modern design

Support of Mobile Item Description Summaries comes at the same time as the new release of Ad-lister, A fresh and modern design for 2016!

Almost 10 years agothe first version of Ad-lister launched, eliminating the need to copy and paste or edit HTML. Since then, with customers feedback and ever growing changes on eBay, the Adlister team have worked hard to improve the look and feel to make it easier to use. Each of the main sections can be customised for your own requirements, turn on and turn on columns or filters that you need so your screen is less cluttered.

A welcoming dashboard, fully customisable to show you the status of your listings, profit & loss etc, leading to a products section where you can add and manage your products and then these are then are assigned to a listing template and published to eBay.

Bulk changes such as the postage or prices can be done in a few clicks for all your products, so when Royal Mail decide to change the prices, increase the postage by 10% on all your products and click to revise to eBay, it’s that simple.

100% mobile responsive means that there is no need to download a separate application, just load up the usual application on your tablet or mobile device and you can use Ad-Lister.

Who should be interested in AdLister?

Anyone who uses eBay’s Sell Your Item form or TurboLister may wish to consider using AdLister. Also if you’re interested in a uniform template for your listings Adlister has a library of options in their listing builder.

If you’re considering a change of listing tool as far as we’re aware AdLister is the only tool currently available which supports creation of listings ready to support eBay’s Mobile Item Description Summaries without the need for HTML knowledge.

There is a free trial of AdLister available. After the free trial costs start at £26.40 per month (inc VAT).

One Response

  1. The update in order to accommodate the new Mobile Item Description Summaries is great – well done! Next step is for some-one to design a cross promotion gallery that we will be able to use.
    Any idea if you guys are looking in to this?


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