eBay Seller Release: New Sex and Booze categories

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eBay are adding some new categories for those in a party mood.

Alcoholic beverages

On February the 8th they added a Wine category (Home, Furniture & DIY > Food & Drink > Wine).

In mid May they’ll move the Wine category to Home, Furniture & DIY > Food & Drink > Beer, Wine & Spirits and alongside it you’ll find the new Beer, Cider and Spirits categories.

Dan and I definitely approve of the opportunity to have our tipples delivered and there are already some lovely vintage wines listed on eBay.

If you’re interested in listing in these categories, you’ll need to meet a number of requirements including:

  • A valid licence to sell beer, cider, wine and spirits, for example, a UK alcohol licence.
  • Access to a courier service that checks age on delivery.
  • email [email protected] to be considered to list in these new categories

Adult products

As previously announced eBay are also launching Sex Toys, Erotic Clothing and Fantasy, Fetish & Accessories categories from mid-May.

Sellers who want to list in any of the Beer, Wine & Spirits, Fantasy, Fetish & Accessories and Sex Toys categories will need to provide additional information and be approved before they can list.

If you’re interested in listing in these categories, this is what you need to know:

  • Sex Toys and Fantasy, Fetish & Accessories
    Since eBay want to make sure that all listings are of good quality and suitable for our audience, you’ll need to contact them at [email protected]. eBay will get back to you within a week with next steps.

  • Erotic Clothing
    You don’t need to permission to list these products, but eBay will review existing listings and, if they think any of these should sit within Erotic Clothing, they’ll automatically migrate them before the new category goes live.

  • In Sex Toys and Fantasy, Fetish & Accessories categories you must specify the item type. This is so that eBay can ensure items appear in the correct categories, providing the best buyer experience. (Translation, eBay will hide your listings from searches which aren’t specifically for adult products. Equally they’ll make sure that your listing does appear when adult products are searched for)

In addition, eBay will be keeping an eye on these listings to make sure the images used are suitable for their audience. Please refer to the eBay Alcohol policy and Adults only policy for guidance on what is acceptable.

2 Responses

  1. Hahaha, I just laughed out loud at that image. His face says, ooh cheap imported Vodka from China on eBay – yes please

  2. What about the payment options for those categories? I was just checking and if I understood it right, a pre-approval is required to receive money from such sales, specifically alcoholic beverages.


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