eBay soon to sell branded packaging

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ebay packagingeBay has announced that it will be launching its own range of branded packaging in the US.

As the blog post notes: “At eBay, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our sellers grow and ship smarter. With that in mind, we’ll soon be launching a branded supplies store, featuring eBay branded quality boxes, envelopes and tape – with more items to be added over time.”

The eBay Shipping Supplies store is a partnership with a third-party fulfilment company that has been licensed to use the eBay trademark. Sellers will be able to buy 100 percent recyclable boxes in 10 different sizes and other packaging.

Manish Joneja, Head of North America Shipping Business says: “We’re not only excited to introduce eBay branded shipping supplies to our customers, but to do so in a cost-effective, eco-friendly and convenient manner that satisfies the needs of our sellers.”

It’s a cute enough idea but hardly a game changer. If the price was right, would you buy eBay branded packaging? Or maybe they should be paying you?

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  1. I emailed Amazon CEO Jeff bezos the same idea over a year ago. Never heard back. They have the material but just need to sell it at reasonable price. Hope they will look into it now. Instead of Amazon, just print Amazon seller etc..we will buy it if price is right.

  2. Not if it was free.

    Why would I want to promote eBay? I want to promote my own website, not eBay. With custom packaging and leaflets in my packages with discount codes for my website.

    3 years ago I would have supported eBay, when they supported small/medium businesses, but the way they treat us sellers now, not a hope.

    They don’t care about my business, I don’t care about theirs. I pay them to list, that’s it. Any loyalty I had (used to buy £££ of items a month) is long long gone.

    Maybe the Chinese and outlets will use the packaging.

  3. Really struggling to find any reason why anyone would want to use eBay branded packaging, even if it was cheaper. I certainly wouldn’t.

  4. I would use ebay branded packaging if it was free or if ebay guaranteed that they would 100% find in favour of the seller for all INR claims if ebay branded packaging was used.

  5. If they were free I’d use them.
    Bit like DHL used to with free mailing bags with an account.

  6. does anyone know the brand / type of the tape amazon use?

    the brown stuff what appears to have string cross-woven into it


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