Bulk list in seconds on eBay using just a GTIN and Price

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Xpress ListerUsing Xpress Lister fromCodisto, eBay sellers can now create full listings from only a UPC/EAN code and a price – just two pieces of data!

If the products exist in the eBay catalog, Xpress Lister will complete the eBay title, find images and complete relevant item specifics.

This is an incredible time saver for anyone selling on eBay, especially if you have 1000s of products to list. Simply upload a spreadsheet with these two data columns (hopefully you already have a spreadsheet detailing your stock) and Xpress Lister will create thousands of eBay listings at the click of a button for free.

This will be especially relevant for sellers of products such as DVDs where eBay’s product catalogue is pretty comprehensive.


Xpress Lister was designed to set a new standard for eBay listing tools. Auto-categorizing products, preventing image errors, applying a responsive eBay template and providing a slick user interface means it is the easiest and fastest import & creation tool available. It is completely free to create unlimited listings. Xpress Lister Pro (the upgrade) allows full management of created listings – plans start from $29/month.

9 Responses

  1. THIS is why ebay was so full-on about you adding EAN’s.

    the hard working people of the world, who know their product, did their research, know their facts, and produce the data….

    some twat who’s never even seen the product, but has the barcode, now lists your full inventory, without a clue about any of it, and thus can undercut you by 5%.

    if we didnt all upload EAN’s along with our hard work, it wouldnt be so damn easy to steal.

    who wins here?

    “Xpress Lister was designed to set a new standard for eBay listing tools. ” a terrible, terrible standard where nobody knows their products?

    “….Auto-categorizing products, preventing image errors” …and accepting responsibility when ebay nail you for having the wrong catefgory or image? no.

  2. My first thought this morning was broadly in agreement with james – this sounds like a great way for some sellers to ensure they copy another sellers inventory and undercut them with almost no effort.
    I’d be interested to know what’s to stop a few ‘businessmen’ from eliminating most of the competition in some categories purely by always having the cheapest price and masses of stock (a bit like amazon ?) – I don’t profess to understand this type of business model, so would genuinely like some explanation of how it helps lots of individual sellers rather than just a select few.

  3. If as a result of this there is no duplication in search of NEW items, with single shared listings only for NEW items, then sellers of USED items should be rejoicing as they should have increased exposure for their listings.

    The end game for all NEW sellers is that all NEW items on ebay will be sold for a single price in a single listing with nothing to differentiate individual sellers, with ebay determining by rota in turn which sale goes to which seller, and the margin achieved for the seller will be entirely down to the stock buying skills of the seller as this will be the only differential and the only thing that ebay have no control over (yet).

  4. I think ebay should be praised for trying to structure the data, improve discoverability and seo.

    I’ve always been wary of selling on amazon for these same reasons, you do the work but if anything is a big hit they, or other large sellers can just get on it and undercut you. Having everything catalogued in a database makes this easier than ever.

    I’ve found it very difficult to sell-through my Sekonda watches because the market is so saturated with places to buy and sponsored advertising.

    For me as a sole trader / small business seller, the only way forward is to sell rare interesting items and niche brands that other sellers don’t have. As long as I have MPNS and Brands, item specifics completed etc – then they do come up in searches & google.


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