Karhoo marketplace app for Black Cabs and Taxis

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Karhoo appToday in London a new app based taxi marketplace called Karhoo launched, to take on Uber. This time London’s Black Cab drivers are all in favour and signing up in their tens of thousands.

Karrhoo’s premise is that you’ll be able to hail a taxi through the app (or book one anything up to a year in advance) and you’ll have a choice of a standard black cab, a minicab or an executive limo.

Comcab with their fleet of black cabs and taxis have already signed up as have Addison Lee who have over 4,800 cars in central London. Karhoo has signed up around 80,000 taxis with around 30,000 in London alone.

Uber has made a big impact on the London cab scene with Black Cab drivers up in arms about private individuals picking up fares without passing the Knowledge and often with little experience other than an Uber app and their sat nav.

Karhoo is seen as a way to stem the tide of Uber and for Black Cabs to be able to compete with reputable taxi companies ultimately with the choice placed in the hands of the consumer. Do you want the nearest taxi regardless whether it’s a black cab, taxi or limo? Do you want the cheapest fare, or do you want an executive car even if it means waiting a little longer for it to arrive (or perhaps you’re booking for when your meeting ends and the car will be waiting for you.

Karhoo’s software allows any taxi company to connect their systems to the app and their vehicle positions will then be displayed to potential passengers through the app.

Uber have won business by providing low prices with service and ease of use. Karhoo promise the same service but with more choice of what type of vehicle will transport you allowing you to choose between a knowledgeable black cab driver or a professional private hire company.

Karhoo have one other killer advantage, unlike Uber they promise not to hike their prices at times of day when they’re busy. It won’t matter if it’s rush hour or a slack time of day, the price will remain the same.

Nearest, cheapest, fastest or nicest – the choice is yours with the Karhoo app.



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