How have you voted in the UK EU Referendum?

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EU hmToday is the day. What they’re billing as the biggest vote in a generation is upon us. Will we stay or will we go? (Of course, many of you will have voted already by post.)

Tamebay hasn’t taken a position on Bremain or Brexit. That’s largely because we don’t think it’s our place to express an editorial view. You’re clever people and your decision will be based on your personal politics and circumstances. And, needless to say, your position is more complex than just pure business concerns.

But when it comes to the Editors at Tamebay, it perhaps won’t surprise you to learn that Dan is committed to remain and Chris is undecided.

But what really matters is what you think. And we’d love it if you would share your position. And when the results come in on Friday we’ll see how Tamebay readers compare to the result. It’s really just a bit of fun and completely anonymous. So vote in this poll too.

But do share a view in comments. We always love hearing your views. And let’s see what happens.

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36 Responses

  1. Interesting results so far – 25 total votes with 16 leave and 7 remain.
    I honestly expected the majority of tamebay voters to vote remain due to their need to do business with the rest of Europe, but perhaps their objections to the amount of red tape has had an effect, in addition to other more ‘political’ considerations ?
    Be interesting to see how it goes throughout the day, and the analysis of tamebay results, as we’re going to be swamped by media discussions of the national voting for a fair while.

  2. Europe aint going to go away its been around since AD43 and the roman empire , Spanish armada , William of Orange George of Hanover, Napoleon, Prince Albert, The Kaiser, D Day, and the England football team making pillocks of us

  3. prefer not to say is up and running @2%
    what I wonder is why bother ticking if you prefer not to say,
    no one knows anyhow ,its anonimous lol

  4. Voted IN. Would be madness to vote out when our business has been constantly growing with Europe over the past decade.

  5. Agree, brexit is big risk for us all, remain is the safe, sensible option, and if we don’t like the way the EU looks in 10-15 years we can always vote again to leave..

  6. If it’ll be so difficult to trade with Europe if we Brexit, how come our shops are full of Chinese and South Korean products? They have no trouble exporting to the EU without being part of the so-called single market.

    It’s about time politicians stopped getting in the way of trade. People all around the world want to buy and sell goods without daft tariffs and restrictions. Free trade makes countries better off, unless they’re selling c**p.

    Vote Leave and quickly establish free trade agreements. It can’t be that difficult!

  7. If I put my own selfish greed above all else there would be no question for me.
    It would be REMAIN.
    As an online seller I sell a lot in to the EU and leaving would make it more expensive for my EU customers to buy from my business = less profit for me.
    I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot so my selfish head says REMAIN.

    However it’s not about me. It’s bigger than my “I’m alright Jack” attitude.
    It’s about society and it’s ability to choose who ultimately governs us (UK politicians), how they govern us and what rules they use to do so.
    In exchange for its democratic sovereignty, the EU offers Britain not power (as some claim) but a one-twenty-eighth share of collective decision-making with countries whose interests are badly aligned with those of the UK population.
    I don’t think that is good for Britain.
    So I am voting for what is good for my country and the society I live in, and not just for my ability to have a few extra quid in my back pocket.
    My LEAVE vote has been cast.

  8. I’m in mostly because it makes sense to work together instead of apart. We’ve had 70 years of peace because of the co-operative nature of the EU and although far from perfect it’s better than going it alone.
    There’s a certain arrogance to this idea that Britain is somehow better than the rest of Europe – we’re just another country at the end of the day.
    And up here in the North East we are classed as a deprived region so we get out far more from the EU than we put in – and I don’t trust any government to make up the shortfall if we leave – they certainly haven’t in the past. I believe Cornwall and one or two other areas are in the same position.

  9. Voted to leave.

    We can re-negotiate trade and economic agreements.

    But we can’t re-negotiate our sovereignty.

    Never imagined things would get like this back in 73, when that 50p with the hands on the back came out.

  10. Sorry but it’s just not true that the EU has been responsible for peace. It is directly linked to NATO and more specifically the US in post-war Europe.

    Also no one is saying that we are better than any other country. We just want to run our country in our own best interests and have healthy relationships with all countries globally, not stuck inside a union which restricts our ability to do deals with other countries around the world.

  11. On the contrary, the achievement of peace in Europe was one of the motivations behind the original European Coal and Steel Community immediately post WW2. It is also true NATO have played a major role, but the fact is that the leader of every NATO member state has said publically they want the UK to stay in the EU.

    Sovereignty is largely a myth. According to various non-aligned fact checker websites, the UK has agreed with and supported 95% of EU laws, and has won 98% of decisions in the European Court of Justice. It is just the some of our media only highlight the very few that go against us.

    Whatever sovereignty we have won’t make the international migration crisis go away, it won’t make it easier to do business internationally, it won’t change our agreed treaty commitments with other countries, or our UN obligations, it won’t stop wars in other parts of the world. It is a nice idea but of very limited value to this country, and of no help in creating a better world. In my view it is hugely outweighed by the long term advantage of EU membership.

    Being in the EU is a decision that is in our best interests long term, and does give us healthy relationships with the major trading nations worldwide. The limitations are insignificant by comparison.

  12. great upheaval and change ahead, just take ebay uk with its operations in Dublin & Luxembourg

  13. The people have spoken, the vote is the vote and must be respected.

    My worry is that the EU will punish the UK economically, to discourage other euro-sceptic countries such as France from pushing a similar stunt.
    In fact, without a doubt, the EU will push fear in to other countries considering leaving, by punishing the UK in as many ways as possible.

  14. Just got off the phone to AMazon Germany. Apparently Amazon will at some point be issuing a detailed update on what will happen with EU selling / FBA stock in EU etc. That is the most interesting thing I am waiting for.

  15. I frequently sell and buy from and – if it’s easy to sell to the US, why would it be that much harder for UK sellers to sell in Europe? The UK will always be part of Europe, and other European countries will always be reliant on export and import trade with the UK too.
    In the shorter term, if the pound devalues, it makes it more lucrative for buyers in Europe, whereas previously a stronger pound was an impediment.


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