Some Products on Amazon Fresh cost more than on Amazon

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We’re all accustomed to Amazon Prime costing £79 per year and all our purchases from then on arriving with free next day delivery. Amazon are starting to add on more costs with their supermarket competing services that will take our delivery bills considerably higher. Not only that but you might end up paying more for the products as well.

You’ll need an Amazon Fresh Subscription on top of Prime

Amazon FreshLet’s start with the new Amazon Fresh subscription costs – To access Fresh you have to already be a Prime subscriber. On top of your Prime subscription it’ll cost you another £6.99 per month – that’s more than Amazon Prime itself costs and totals another £83.88 per year bringing your Amazon delivery charges up to £162.88.

If you spend over £40 on each Amazon Fresh order then delivery is included in the £162.88 you’re paying Amazon, but place an order under £40 and you’ll pay an additional £4.00. That might not cost much, but if you consider how many families shop they’ll do a large weekly or monthly shop and then top up in between. It’ll be easy to slip once a month once you’re accustomed to the next day timed deliveries from Amazon Fresh but if once a month you place a sub £40 order it’ll cost you £48 a year taking your total delivery spend to £210.88 annually.

Amazon Fresh delivery charges could be higher than your regular supermarket

When you contrast Amazon Fresh £6.99 per month and consider that if you’re flexible on timings you can get delivery from most regular supermarkets for free or maybe as little as £1 you’ll want to be ordering at least once a week from Amazon Fresh to get value from the subscription.

Amazon Fresh Product Prices

Bizarrely Amazon Fresh isn’t always cheapest and it isn’t always the most expensive, you now have to do you won price comparisons on Amazon as they have different pricing on Fresh to Amazon Pantry and Amazon itself.

Amazon Fresh Prices vs Amazon Pantry or just Amazon

Colgate on AmazonAs an example a pack of four Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Blades costs £10.56 on Amazon Fresh but only £10.25 through Amazon Pantry. I could also buy the same pack of blades on Amazon for £10.25 and have them delivered for free tomorrow with my normal Prime membership.

Similarly buy your Colgate Max White One Luminous Toothpaste 75mm on and on Amazon Pantry it’ll cost you £2.00 but buy it on Amazon Fresh and it’ll set you back £2.66.

To be blunt, whilst most of the products you can purchase on Amazon Pantry you can also purchase on Amazon Fresh, you may end up paying more to do all of your shopping in on go. owever you do have to balance that with the fact that Amazon Pantry orders carry a £3.99 delivery charge for the first box and 99p for each additional box in the same order. Bulk buy your tooth paste and razors and you could soon save enough to cover the delivery costs though.

The good news is that Amazon Fresh prices appear pretty competitive compared to regular supermarkets and generally deliver faster. The bad news is that you’ll not only be paying more for delivery but may also be paying more than you could purchase the same products for on Amazon Pantry or even just on Amazon with your normal Prime subscription.

Has anyone got an app to tell me the cheapest way to purchase a product on Amazon please?

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  1. I think the simple answer to just stick with your current supermarket. Much easier. For Fresh to work i think amazon need to make it free and sell stupidly cheap to really get people talking about it and build the hype. I’m surprised they haven’t done this to be honest as they love selling many popular entertainment items as loss leaders.


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