eBay UK extends Royal Mail INR defects protection to year end

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As we reported before, eBay is providing protection to sellers who use Royal Mail tracked services from INR defect strikes. If you use any of the below services, as long as the You can read eBay’s FAQs on the policy here.

– Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For
– Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For
– Royal Mail Special Delivery
– Royal Mail T24
– Royal Mail T48

eBay has now confirmed that the protection will be extended from the end of August until the end of the year. You should have an email about it.

Here’s the key text in the email: “WE’RE EXTENDING YOUR ROYAL MAIL PROTECTIONS. In April, we announced that we’d protect transactions where sellers use Royal Mail Tracked/ Royal Mail Signed For services from being counted as late deliveries. This is because we were receiving incomplete tracking information for these services. The protection was planned to last until 31 August.

We want to make sure we’re doing the best thing for our sellers, so we’re still working with Royal Mail to make sure we have the most accurate data possible. While we do so, we’ll keep these protections in place until next year. We’ll be back in touch in 2017 with an update about Royal Mail protections
and your account.”

6 Responses

  1. I don’t provide “official” tracking on ebay any more – I send it via a message to the buyer. It seems to do the job. People can check progress – and it deters them from claiming that they haven’t received a parcel.

    It also prevents me getting defect strikes when a person is not in to receive a parcel (the strikes appear on my screen even if, at present, that doesn’t mean much).

  2. Credit where it is due — eBay have taken a bit of flak recently in these pages, but this is a recognition that things aren’t working as they would like to and pre-emptively taking action to ensure that sellers aren’t affected.

    We live in an imperfect world — acknowledging that and actigin accordingly is the responsible thing to do.

    Well done

  3. What a load of tosh just looked at dashboard all sent signed for on royal mail oba all orange blobs yet all sent signed for yet again eBay punishes sellers for couriers that is beyond a sellers control eBay look up the word estimate learn what it means.From now on and even if you sort out the problem I will not ever be adding tracking no. I will be sending tracking straight to the customer as it always was sorry eBay heard all the sorry and we got it wrong so many times from you before can you get it into your heads you are ruining good honest sellers reputation with you I’ll thought out idea’s your IT department has not got a clue how to fix things it’s just a patch over a patch better to spend the cash you spent on stupid car marketing on some proper IT technology team look very closely eBay what happened to BHS spent the money on boat instead of the business. EBay Ceo is a clown a pipe dreamer a wannabe no good talking about fixing the problems action speaks better than soft empty words.Cassani is the biggest donkey and the worst search engine in the word simple facts EBAY if your search engine was up to the task you would not need to really on another search engine like Google that will only show what it thinks you want to see you will never ever get a program or algorithm to think what a human wants to see Google has ruined good Internet search by their constant dictatorship what we can and can’t see. ,

  4. Dan what’s the point in asking for sellers views when you senior comments I take it you only what to hear good things about eBay.sorry I can’t write anything good about eBay apart it was a fantastic site many moons ago and have lost their way and they only want outlets not the small business and we will leave it at that Dan and before you remove it sold over 50,000 items on eBay so do know a little about eBay.

  5. If a sellers feedback has loads of speedy delivery comments any late delivery blobs are judging the courier not the sellers dispatch time.

    eBay its very insulting when the dashboard says “Transactions that weren’t posted on time” when eBay have no way of knowing when the items were posted and should judge the sellers on their feedback comments instead and regard the odd slow delivery down to the courier been a bit slow because that’s what it is not the seller posting late


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