How to set up Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon pay per click ads known as Amazon Sponsored Products are great way to increase visibility and add new sales.

DayToDayeBay recently created a campaign for one of many Amazon accounts that they handle and documented the step by step process which is detailed below. If you’ve never set up Amazon Sponsored Products before this is how it’s done:

#1 Create an automatic campaign with daily budget and time

  • Automatic campaigns helps to generate more search traffic to your Ads because Amazon targets yours to all possible relevant customer searches terms based on your product information.
  • The maximum CPC applies to all clicks regardless of search terms.
  • Automatic PPC Ads are great because it helps us run ads even with out knowing which keywords to use. Amazon uses its Algorithm to display your ads based on customer shopping behaviour.

#2 Create Ad groups by products to generate product specific reports

DayToDayeBay ended up with lots of Ad groups which shows performance per product

#3 Sort Reports based on Sales by lifetime.

This shows data from launch through today if campaign is still running, or to completion if campaign has ended.

#4 Pause All campaigns which are not creating sales

This should reduce wasted Ads and significantly reduce overall ACoS which is Advertising cost of sales (ACoS) is the percent of sales spent on advertising.

ACoS = Total Spend ÷ Total Sales

If you have not tried Amazon Sponsored Products, DayToDayeBay suggest you try it with a set budget. It is easy to create and experiment. You should expect to see an increase in sales for the best performing products.

DaytodayeBay is a friendly UK based eBay and Amazon consultancy helping SMEs since 2010. If you have any questions about Amazon Sponsored Ads they’d be more than happy to assist and you can reach them through the DayToDayeBay website.

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