Last two days to upgrade to Windows 10 (And obsolete bargains on eBay)

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Windows 10If you’ve not upgraded to Windows 10 yet then time is running out. You’ve got until Friday this week to perform the upgrade and after that your computer will always be running dodgy out of date software or you’ll have to pay to upgrade.

Friday the 29th July is the last chance for anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to upgrade to Windows 10. There are few reasons not to – Windows 7 was ok(ish), Windows 8 was rubbish, Windows 8.1 was slightly less rubbish. Windows 10 feels more like the old Windows XP which was possibly the last decent operating system to come out of Microsoft (although I’m sure someone somewhere will tell me they liked Vista!).

So the reasons not to upgrade are either because your hardware won’t support Windows 10 or you want to keep Windows Media Center which Windows 10 will kill and remove.

You might also discover that certain hardware like the printers DHL used aren’t compatible with Windows 10, which I guess is also a pretty valid reason not to upgrade.

Personally I upgraded to Windows 10 almost a year ago and haven’t looked back. I certainly wouldn’t want to be using Windows 7 or 8 now I’m accustomed to Windows 10.

Half the brand new computers on eBay are obsolete

But there is another problem… there are 197,625 brand new laptops and desktop computers on eBay running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 operating systems (more in total than the 186,954 supplied with Windows 10). Who’s going to want to buy those next week knowing that they’ll never be upgraded to Windows 10?

Of course if you are looking for a knock down priced machine, next week might be just the time to start looking if prices plunge and no one else is interested in out of date computers.

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  1. I think calling them obsolete is a stretch. Lots of people will want to buy pcs and laptops with Windows 7 so they’ll be a great market for them. And to say they’ll never be upgraded? Hmmm.

    Last time I got a new PC and a laptop most came bundled with Windows 8 and I struggled to find one with Windows 7. A lot of people still don’t like Windows 10 so they’ll be looking for machines without it.

    If you use your PC for business, it’s probably not a great idea to use Windows 10. I’ll be sticking with my ‘dodgy out of date software’ thank you very much.

  2. Windows 8.1 is being supported by Microsoft until 2023, by which time most of the hardware will have become obsolete or have died with the way things are nowadays. I’m going to leave my current laptop with 8.1, it’s worked fine complete with all the software I’ll ever want/need until 2023, some of my software is ancient too, PaintShopPro 7.04 dating back to 2000 yet still in daily use (and yes it works with Windows 10). After that I’ll buy a new laptop if not before. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes. On the Main PC with windows 10 I don’t see any improvement in the day to day office tasks I do over Windows 8.1.

  3. So I thought I’d upgrade my downstairs PC. Clicked on the icon to download, 2 hours later it still says ‘starting download’.

    Yes there are fixes for this, but it doesn’t inspire confidence in this new OS when they can’t even make the download work without farting about.

    So I’ll definitely stick to my dodgy out of date software.

  4. Not everybody wants Windows 10. I decided to bin Windows completely on all my PCs (except the main “work” one we all use) for Linux and won’t be going back. Linux Mint KDE is just fine, totally free and doesn’t spy Windows 10 style.

    Talking of “spying”, for anyone who doesn’t know, you can turn all that crap off in 10 with Spybot Anti Beacon.

  5. So I finally managed to download Win 10 on my downstairs PC (had to Google a fix to get it to download).

    First time I booted up, the screen was all over the place, couldn’t see the task bar or icons on the left hand side. Finally managed to get it to fit using a custom ratio (which I’d already done on Win 7 but obviously this didn’t carry over).

    First time I shut it down, it turned itself back on. And the 2nd time, and the 3rd time. Had to Google a fix for this too. Finally sorted it.

    Today I’ve turned it on and it’s stuck in an endless ‘updating/restarting’ loop and won’t actually boot up because it keeps restarting. Had to Google a fix for this and it seems it’s a common problem.

    Two days in and I’ve no end of stupid problems. Anyone who recommends Windows 10 to serious PC users wants their head examining.

  6. .
    Haven’t been on here for a while.

    I just downkoaded it and put it on a DVD. In a while there’ll be fixes for all the problems, so I’ll try it then……..



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