eBay add 6 new countries to Global Shipping

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This month eBay UK have added six additional countries to the Global Shipping Program (GSP)
1. South Africa
2. Saudi Arabia
3. United Arab Emirates
4. Ukraine
5. Estonia
6. Latvia

With GSP expansion into these new markets, sellers will find that their items are now able to be sent conveniently to millions more buyers worldwide without having to deal with the added complexity of managing the international postage and customs clearance process to these non-European countries.

GSP is ideal for casual sellers who simply don’t want the hassle or complexity of shipping overseas. It’s also suitable for professional sellers who do ship cross border but for countries which frankly prove to be too much hassle to deal with.

GSP is also aligned with eBay’s stated goal to bring 100,000,000 new buyers to the marketplace. That’s a massive target and is only going to be achieved by recruiting buyers from overseas territories which is why GSP is going to be so important to eBay moving forwards and why they’ve put heavy investment into the program to date.

3 Responses

  1. There is actually a terrible glitch with GSP (or maybe it effects just me) I was/am a huge fan. Love it. But for example. When I use GSP, and then to France I use my own courier, so put in my own rates. Then suddenly, all my listings on ebay.de,pl,it,es etc – only show up in their search under “Items from International Sellers”. (so GSP for every country, items show, GSP for every country except France or Ireland – items only show up under “Items from international sellers” at the bottom of the search.

    When I then include France back into GSP, my listings all show up in the international sites without any problem in the main search.

    My international sales died a death for 3 weeks 0 sales. So I figured it out and changed back to using RM. My postage is now dearer BUT my sales are back to normal.

    Reported it many times, but nothing changes. Wish they would fix it so I could use GSP as I really like it. But I cannot use it anymore because of this 🙁

  2. only a hunch nothing concrete though we seem to gain more international sales using GSP than using regular mail, we can only put it down to either its higher in search or buyers prefer to use it

  3. I for one will never use GSP again, Sold items to AU and it arrived at the GSC within 2 days, it then left the GSC 5 days later, and was delivered within 14 days of the order date, before the expected delivery date. The customer said it was late and we got a defect, Spoke with eBay and was told I would be protected. Send the details with all the prove, and they will not remove the defect for late delivery ( that is not late delivery, but late dispatch so I’m told. ) Item was dispatched the same day it was ordered.

    Even if the GSP is late, it is our fault. So you are never protected with GSP.


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