eBay’s email to Dundalk staff re PayPal eviction

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It’s interesting to read the reported email that was sent to eBay CS staff in the light of news that PayPal is turfing eBay out of the shared premises in Dundalk in Ireland. It comes from senior vice president of Global Customer Experience for eBay Steve Boehm.


Last July, when PaPpal separated from eBay Inc. PayPal took over as landlords of the facility in Dundalk, Ireland. We currently occupy the building as their tenant. As with any rental agreement, the landlord can ask the tenant to leave the facility with a period of notice. PayPal has notified us of their intent to occupy the space we currently lease to support their expansion. As a result, eBay will close its operations in Dundalk in the second quarter of 2017, and we propose to look to expand in the operating locations where we own or lease space today.

What begins next for our Dundalk teammates is the legal consultation process where they elect representatives to interact with the company on their behalf in considering the proposals for next steps before them. We are required by law to pursue this process, and we will do so honorably and respectfully. Any final decisions and details as a result will not be communicated until the process is complete. In the meantime, we expect to continue operations in Dundalk through the second quarter of 2017.

“Mindful of how difficult this news is for our Dundalk teammates, we have closed the site for the remainder of the day. When our teammates return to the office tomorrow, let’s commit to do all that we can to express our support. Be assured that my leadership team and I will ensure throughout the weeks and months ahead that our Dundalk teammates feel heard, supported and cared for.”

10 Responses

  1. They both couldn’t get on blamed each other for things fruad running rife silly policy rubbish

  2. more than apple have done deals with the irish
    these poor sods jobs used as a carrot by ebay will have been part of any deal

  3. It’s a building.

    Ireland is awash with empty buildings.

    The council would probably give them one for free just to keep 150 people in a job.

    Usual ebay double-talk, smoke, mirrors. I’m quite sure the staff must feel as loved as ebay’s sellers do.


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