Protecting your Business Against Online Fraud

Today, online fraud comes in many forms including stolen cards, identity theft and hacked customer information. It’s not the most glamorous part of an online business, but it affects you, your customers and even your company’s future.

In this guide, Sage describe the fraud landscape today. Then they show you the fraud screening tools available right now. Finally, they provide practical tips so you can mitigate fraudulent transactions.

The chapters include:

  • Introduction: We need to talk about online fraud
  • The face of online fraud today
  • The fraud landscape
  • Know your weapons in the battle against fraud
  • Practical tips for strengthening your defences
  • Balancing protecting customers and increasing sales
  • You are not alone in the battle against online fraud
  • Tokenised payments: the next step?
  • Protecting your business
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dont sell on ebay is a great way of avoiding fraudulent buyers

TINKER • 2nd August 2016 •

B-) You could be right. I am still looking at a buyer that is continuing to purchase even though 11 sellers have reported him. Maybe they are waiting for the magic 15 before they refund us all B-) And pigs might fly.

Simon E • 2nd August 2016 •