XSellco adds CDiscount, Fnac & Allegro support

XSellco have announced the addition of Cdiscount, Fnac and Allegro to their XSellco Fusion help desk solution. Through these integrations, XSellco Fusion users can now provide a premium level of customer support to buyers on these marketplaces.

The French eCommerce market, worth €65 billion, is the third largest in Europe behind the UK and Germany. Cdiscount is the second-largest eCommerce website in France with turnover of €2.74 billion, of which €1 billion is from their marketplace – C le Marché. For Fusion users wanting to enter this marketplace, one of the major benefits of the Cdiscount integration is the reduced levels of competition, with only 7,000 professional sellers – approximately three times fewer than Amazon.

XSellco also provides an integration with Fnac, the third largest eCommerce marketplace in France with 9 million unique visitors per month in 2015. Fnac, with its well established customer base and strong network of cross-channel websites and marketplaces, provides retailers selling across multiple product categories with many lucrative opportunities.

Moving further east, XSellco has also recognised the growing importance of Allegro, the fifth largest marketplace in Europe. With eCommerce in Poland growing at a rate of 23 percent year-on-year, Fusion’s integration with Allegro gives online sellers the opportunity to offer world-class support to Allegro’s 14 million users.

These new integrations provide a massive opportunity for online sellers to continue to grow their online business, improve operational efficiencies and offer exceptional support, no matter where their customers are coming from”, said Victor Corcoran, CEO of XSellco. “In an increasingly competitive eCommerce industry, it’s imperative that online sellers have the ability to expand their reach and have access to exciting new channels and marketplaces. With Fusion, our customers can achieve this”.

XSellco Fusion allows online sellers to streamline their customer support from all of their online sales channels into one centralised dashboard. Support teams can view the complete sales transaction and order details directly within a message – from any integrated sales channel. As a result, agents always have the full picture and can reply quickly to any questions customers may have.

Fusion’s auto-translation feature automatically detects the language of every email received, and translates it into the agent’s native language. Agents simply reply in their preferred language, and the reply will be translated back into the customer’s language.

XSellco Fusion provides integrations with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more, allowing sellers to handle all of their customer communications in one place.

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