Are you having trouble with your Paypal Download history?

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PayPal Bug BountyAs we always say, we get our best stories from readers. Your tip-offs and scoops are vital. Thanks, as always. And over the past few months we’ve received a few emails from readers about the Paypal Download history being unreliable.

That’s where you download all your PayPal transactions and it’s vital to many of you on an accounting front. We wrote about this earlier in the year and we’re interested to find out if the problems have been resolved. Judging by the trickle of correspondence from readers, it would seem that there are still problems. How about you?

One reader has been in touch today and says that when they bring it up with PayPal they are given the brush off: “I asked for a download at 7 o’clock this morning it is now 1 and it is still processing. When I spoke to customer service they reminded me of their 24 hour limit and the servers are busy.”

As this correspondent points out, it would be good if PayPal provided the service so many pay good money for and invest in the basics.

Are you having trouble with your Paypal Download history?

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  1. The download function has always been slow on PayPal, thankfully I normally only do it once every 12 months for my accounts. Went fine last time a few months ago.

    However, there are two confirmed ongoing problems PayPal has that are linked. Packing slips for multiple sale transactions are missing some or all of the additional items, this is also the case on emails too. Phoned them up this morning and they’re currently working on this problem. if you’re affected phone PayPal and they’ll add your account to those affected.

    Past experience of PayPal fixing problems is a lot better than eBay, never really had any major problems with them.

  2. I had this very problem last week , but in my case no matter what I done it would not give me January 15 , eventually after a week back and forth with Paypal they were able to download it and send it to me , although for me to download it from their email I had to sign into some secure Cisco site, register my details and then download it .

    This is the only way they will send the data to you as its secure and encrypted .

  3. We have ours set up to download the previous 24 hours automatically every night.
    I can’t remember exactly how we set it up but from memory I think you have to setup a new dummy user, and set it up through there.
    We’ve had that running for years and it’s always in our inbox every morning that it’s there ready to download.
    However, over the last year, if we’ve tried to request a specific download for another reason, it can take hours and hours, sometimes more than 24.
    We also use Sagepay, and you can select the dates you want on their system and click download and it does it instantly, so it’s not like the tech isn’t availablne to make these things happen. I literally can’t get why Paypal can’t just make it work, they take enough money from us all for their services.

  4. We have had ongoing problems with history downloads. Because we do over 200 transactions a day we download previous day every morning and put it in a continuous file. Earlier this year the downloads just stopped working and this went on for over a month. Paypal initially tried to give the brush off with stock answers but I just kept on and on hassling them. Eventually their ‘tech guys’ realised that some setting on my account had ‘tripped’ and cancelled downloads. this was fixed and all returned to normal except that i had to re-build my continuous file for the previous 6 weeks or so. That took about 2 weeks in between my other work.
    interestingly i use a cloud accounting software and they were able to download every day without problem throughout this period.
    I then had a further event on Sep5th when it wouldn’t download – 4th and 6th were fine – no problem. Complained to my account manager who, to be fair, e-mailed me the download same day.

  5. I have been having problems on and off for some time. It is very variable. Still waiting for something submitted on Friday (now Monday). Received an interesting e-mail from PayPal who now says it can take 5 days.

    “Please note that depending on the server load, your history request can take up to 5 Business days to be received.”

  6. 12-18 hrs and still not had all paypal notifications email from sales/payments made last night


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