Could eBay settings prevent buyers paying?

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Are you getting buyers telling you that they’re unable to make payment with PayPal? One US seller thinks they’ve found the reason which is your settings in My eBay.

We were very tempted to file this one under unsubstantiated rumour on the grounds that eBay UK have mandated that PayPal is on all listings since mid 2008. You shouldn’t be able to add a listing to eBay without offering PayPal.

However we do hear of the odd buyer contacting a seller telling them that they were unable to complete checkout and make payment. If you’re the seller then check your settings in My eBay and make certain that you’re set up to offer PayPal. We fully expect that you will be and that it will be some other silly glitch that prevented your buyer from paying.

4 Responses

  1. The reason that is there, if you didn’t know is because not all eBay sites have PayPal as a mandatory option, like Germany so if you sell internationally and only want to have PayPal users then thats why!

  2. I reported this glitch to Tamebay late last week when, as a Buyer, I found that checking out on an item I have bought simply couldn’t be continued. The eBay message stated “The sellers can’t accept payments right now. Contact them for help. Error Codes: 70245 70164 70350” and it’s still there even though the Seller say they’ve contacted eBay and solved the issue.

    Strangely this is a second purchase for this item and the original went smoothly and I have both used eBay/PayPal for purchases and sales throughout this period . . I did double check the advice given in the video above though.

    I’m going to have to phone eBay, soon the Seller will think I’m just a “rumour” . . thanks Guys . . and/or I’ll get the “Buyer non-payment” messages.

    So . . the above may not be the glitch and the glitch is still there.

  3. I was skeptical about this but checked a few client accounts and sure enough two of them had No for “Accept PayPal”
    I will monitor with interest to see if it impacts on sales.

  4. We’ve only ever accepted Paypal on our listings and I remember going through and setting up our preferences in this screen, but sure enough I have just checked and it said “No” against offer Paypal in all listings. I’ve updated this, and it will be interesting to see if there is any uplift in sales.


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