to issue automated prepaid returns labels on behalf of sellers

Tomorrow on the 1st of November,’s new return policy kicks into action. When a request is submitted to return a US seller fulfilled product it will be automatically authorized if it falls within Amazon’s returns policy. Amazon will provide customers with prepaid return labels on behalf of the seller.

Amazon say “We hope that this change benefits you, the seller, and your customers. With this update, customers will be able to return an item immediately, and without coordinating with you, reducing the time you dedicate to processing returns“.

The downside of automated returns is of course that it takes away the possibility of rescuing the sale. Perhaps it’s user error and a minute of customer support could save the sale, regardless if the customer clicks the button you as the seller incur the cost of a return like it or not.

It is possible to request exemptions for specific ASINs that meet certain requirements for instance items that are non-returnable by law, dangerous goods, digitally delivered goods and items which either require special handling or special shipping (e.g. insurance). There is also an exemption for when the item is worth less than the return shipping cost. The the existing returns process will continue for exempted returns and returns that fall outside of Amazon’s standard return policy.

If you wish to appeal a prepaid return contact the Amazon Prepaid Returns Appeal team at The appeal is between you and Amazon, and as such should not impact your buyer in any way.

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With Amazon, I have found, if you get to speak or converse with someone that knows what they are talking about it's great but if you get a bog standard CS OP, you are done for. I spent overall an hour trying to explain to a CS op that the word fossil related to an ammonite charm and was nothing to do with the Fossil brand. She didn't get it and kept telling me I would need to see the owners permission. I said who is the owner that you need permission from as the item is made for us exclusively. "Maldon Jewellery" she remarked. "That's us", I replied. She informed me I would still need to fill in the paperwork and contact seller performance. Eventually seller performance understood and reinstated the ASIN Then all other Amazon platforms blocked the SAME ASIN even though UK had authorised it's reinstatement. I gave up.

Simon E • 31st October 2016 •

Oh I hope they don't plan on bringing this in over here!

Claire • 31st October 2016 •

ohhh they will, they want everyone using FBA. digitally delivered (codes in boxes) goods they return them all the time, after the code has been "USED", then it comes back as faulty and charge me for the pleasure of Unfulfillable Inventory

SAM • 31st October 2016 •

We used FBA once before and our stock flew out. Then when we were about to replenish they started the joy of merging ASINSs on to other people's adverts with poorly worded adverts. It was a dog's dinner so we held off FBA then.

Claire • 31st October 2016 •

As I can't use FBA I get the strong feeling I'll be pushed off Amazon, one way or another - soon.

Mark • 31st October 2016 •