Have eBay removed ‘Blocked Bidder’ lists?

We have had a steady flow of emails into Tamebay HQ asking where their eBay Blocked Bidder list has disappeared to. Are eBay about to discontinue the Blocked Bidder list? Have they purposefully hidden it from you? Do eBay want you to stop blocking troublesome buyers?

As is pretty much the case of everything with eBay, when there’s a choice between conspiracy and a cock up it’s normally the cock up version that turns out to be the truth. In this case the cock up is the most likely culprit.

It appears that if you click a link to go to your Blocked Bidder list you’re being redirected to a lovely new eBay Seller Centre page which talks about how to manage your sales. That’s not what you wanted.

If you are one of the people struggling to find your eBay Blocked Bidder page don’t worry – it’s here

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Blocked a problematic buyer which left me negative feedback because I never met his demands. Two months later he's back leaving me negative feedback for the same reasons, despite me adding him to my blocked list, having gone to investigate my blocked bidder list, I see that the list is totally blank! eBay of course took no responsibility for the matter and had no explanation for the matter. In addition, having explained the above to eBay, they were unsympathetic towards removing the neg feedback and told me there was nothing more they could do.. Yet another shoddy customer service experience delivered to me exclusively by ebay

Alf • 11th October 2016 •

Yes, we're getting that as well, but only since we went to look at the new Seller Centre page last week.

Andy R • 11th October 2016 •

Ckecked my blocked buyer list and it has been altered by ebay with many blocked buyers no longer listed or with user ids that I don't recognise.

Gary • 11th October 2016 •

bad enough the link error ,though the shiney super wonderful seller hub fails to mention anything about blocking specific individual bidders

tinker • 11th October 2016 •

eBay needs every "buyer" it can muster, be it good or bad. Remember eBay profit from scammers and do very little to protect the honest seller. If your eBay banned list is still unaffected my advice would be to copy this immediately before it disappears completely.

Jonah • 11th October 2016 •

Thanks for the headsup. Mine's still there so just copied, just in case.

Simon E • 11th October 2016 •

The often trotted out mantra that ebay profit from scammers...but how? if you process a refund through an INR case you get your FVF back...or most of it anyway. For some reason, they seem to keep a slice of the FVF. While this is a tight-ass thing to do when the seller has lost out, perhaps this is to cover some genuine cost of processing the sale, rather than making a profit which is often single figure pennies. Eg. from a recent INR case of mine, sale figure of £17 inc P&P with an 85p FVF, they credit 76p of the FVF back, keeping 9p. There is the listing fee perhaps, but really, when they're giving those away free to private sellers and business sellers are often on a shop subscription which covers that, how many of those are kept after scammed sales? Seems unlikely. If you use ebay postage (I don't) I'd assume they never refund that at all, so could be making a slice there, whatever their markup is on postage. Maybe someone who uses ebay postage labels can confirm. Of course, they can only pull off a scam INR if it wasn't signed or tracked. Those usually work. Ebay and paypal encourage sellers to use those. More likely it's just too much hard work for ebay to deal with scammers permanently, so they don't. I'd love to see a system where we could see the history of a user ID, how many INR cases they'd opened on ebay and how many paypal chargebacks they'd initiated without opening INR on ebay, either as a percentage or number with a total for their purchases. Then we could decide. Add shipping protection, or decline.

Gav • 11th October 2016 •

you complete a legit sale. buyer opens obvious scam case. ebay decide against you and keep your FVF's, listing fees, etc. refund customer from your account, full refund. customer goes to another ebay seller, repeats process. ebay received 2x FVF'S from 1 sale. if not more. (plus the markup on the labels they force you to buy from them at an inflated rate. plus the on-site adverts drawing customers away from your products. plus the tie-ins "partnerships" they profit from. plus...) how can ebay not profit under this regime?

james • 11th October 2016 •

You complete a legit sale Buyer claims not received You tell them (if they haven't already) to open an item not received case If you haven't got signature or tracking, you're not going to win the case. So just refund them or ebay will. When you refund, you get an FVF credit from ebay. Based on my FVF credits, you then get 100% or worse case, about 99.5% of your FVF back, with ebay sometimes keeping a small part as exampled before. It's not a lot. It's pennies. It may be to cover some sort of expense we don't know about, rather than to profit, if you can call it that. As for keeping the listing fees, if you are a business seller with a shop, you get hundreds of free ones and you get multi listings. If you are a private seller, you also get plenty of free listings anyway. So, they've not really made a profit there either, unless you've forked out for an individual listing with subtitles, fancy promotions etc. And how many people do that? And as for forcing people to buy their labels and everything else mentioned, no one is forced to buy their labels. All the rest, advertising etc is part of their business model. Irrelevant to whether someone is on there scamming. Ebay should be taking a firmer stance against scam buyers not just for the sellers benefit, but because they DON'T profit from a failed sale if the buyer processes it correctly. If ebay and sellers communicated better, it would be easier to get rid of them.

Gav • 11th October 2016 •

Gav have you ever heard about the empty box scam? "Yes I signed for it but the box was empty" Try that one for size on ebay- Ive had it myself and inevitably it was me who picked up the tab. Oh and the returned item that was in fact something completely different in the box sent back. Again I have had it and it wasn't ebay who paid the losses. You can laugh- but it does happen.

Jonah • 11th October 2016 •

Yes, I've heard of all the various types of scams, but think I've only had one such happen to me in 16 years and (guessing here) 50,000 ebay sales. Even if you've had them happen a few times to you as well, the chances of it happening are extremely low, much lower than just claiming INR. That's the normal claim. My stuff didn't arrive, refund me. I think what you sell on ebay determines the odds of things like that happening. The more desirable items amongst thieves and scallies - mobile phones, designer this and that - will attract more thieves and scallies to such listings. What I sell now, I'm getting maybe just 1 or 2 INRs per 500. It varies of course and some of those might even be genuine! Imagine that! But that's how low INRs can be. If you're getting much higher to the point where it's a big issue, maybe rethink what you sell. But whether someone is pulling an empty box scam, saying they never signed for it, saying it never arrived... if you have to refund it, just get it done. You are going to take the hit on the cost of goods. But Ebay refund the FVF and don't make a profit on it. So Listing fees are pretty much as good as free FVFs (which is where ebay makes it's real money) get refunded If you chose to use ebay postage labels, that's your choice. You can use the post office instead and let them make a profit delivering your items to scam buyers, rather than ebay. In that case, are ebay really making such a killing from scam buyers that they'd want to encourage them? You can find the odd example if you want, but by and large, no, they're not.

Gav • 14th October 2016 •

Just checked mine and most seem to be there but have all this below, are these bidders which have been deleted?????? 1010456437@deleted, 1012075215@deleted, 1013175752@deleted, 1013383925@deleted, 1013578370@deleted, 1015159461@deleted, 1016792261@deleted, 1021393907@deleted, 1024750301@deleted, 1026802598@deleted, 1027476993@deleted, 1028805584@deleted, 1033228535@deleted, 1034821016@deleted, 1035263465@deleted, 1036950694@deleted, 1038015257@deleted, 1038660186@deleted, 1039306802@deleted, 1041568890@deleted, 1044943064@deleted, 1045676102@deleted, 1047192085@deleted, 1048009050@deleted, 1051134353@deleted, 1052028407@deleted, 1053176087@deleted, 1054341087@deleted, 1054608757@deleted, 1060316648@deleted, 1064310979@deleted, 1069086591@deleted, 1072376359@deleted, 1077087217@deleted, 1088311498@deleted, 1091846090@deleted, 1104481905@deleted, 1107629207@deleted, 1110958962@deleted, 1135878426@deleted, 1136612110@deleted, 1143418830@deleted, 1158942571@deleted, 1170456523@deleted, 1175898188@deleted, 1197926478@deleted, 1199281076@deleted, 1200903555@deleted, 1202384082@deleted, 1202394237@deleted, 1203033546@deleted, 1207212993@deleted, 1216892447@deleted, 1231606077@deleted, 1233079009@deleted, 1234824801@deleted, 1236057372@deleted, 1238047617@deleted, 1264920576@deleted, 1266431144@deleted, 137383422@deleted, 165724195@deleted, 167580510@deleted, 187584478@deleted, 199905470@deleted, 200567815@deleted, 204481042@deleted, 204537540@deleted, 223955922@deleted, 227459088@deleted, 240256396@deleted, 241033179@deleted, 283496407@deleted, 284640146@deleted, 298757007@deleted, 312695882@deleted, 322891262@deleted, 324560879@deleted, 329477928@deleted, 330272200@deleted, 367659590@deleted, 401500425@deleted, 446275900@deleted, 519072628@deleted, 525205021@deleted, 530569158@deleted, 539923685@deleted, 547443219@deleted, 565119457@deleted, 565540496@deleted, 566767956@deleted, 582792145@deleted, 639895745@deleted, 666415834@deleted, 666695865@deleted, 671963540@deleted, 673399050@deleted, 675422624@deleted, 679420114@deleted, 68755791@deleted, 688055818@deleted, 6918@deleted, 705151451@deleted, 705410311@deleted, 710380433@deleted, 712776879@deleted, 732304315@deleted, 736632742@deleted, 741799550@deleted, 743767681@deleted, 757740321@deleted, 770595554@deleted, 781690070@deleted, 794923273@deleted, 801776109@deleted, 802056258@deleted, 802841072@deleted, 808971160@deleted, 809700540@deleted, 818966747@deleted, 819410029@deleted, 819431995@deleted, 819523480@deleted, 823303334@deleted, 824292079@deleted, 834696022@deleted, 837294693@deleted, 842425135@deleted, 842819633@deleted, 848672329@deleted, 852496510@deleted, 861872591@deleted, 865380593@deleted, 868239475@deleted, 874968668@deleted, 888259484@deleted, 889408153@deleted, 892135606@deleted, 895130923@deleted, 895544456@deleted, 8962@deleted, 897024431@deleted, 901041336@deleted, 902300299@deleted, 902535055@deleted, 904560421@deleted, 914160681@deleted, 921339881@deleted, 922944020@deleted, 924549937@deleted, 928778083@deleted, 931376173@deleted, 932616106@deleted, 943995935@deleted, 979389110@deleted, 987829703@deleted, 990960593@deleted, 995898716@deleted, 997579578@deleted, 997874563@deleted, 999255530@deleted,

Lotus nut • 11th October 2016 •

I have that with about 20% of mine. Others are still there. I emailed them and they said they were trying to fix the link. I think it essential we have at least this protection on eBay, the site is just open to so much abuse and fraud.

SAM • 12th October 2016 •

Seriously, how can a company with a revenue of 9 billion pounds fail to produce a simple, stable internet platform, a search engine a shopping cart that works.. My free Wordpress site does these things. Just why? Is it still running on old tech? Do they need a complete redevelopment? I know there's a billion listings but surely they can do better.

Ian A • 11th October 2016 •

Your blocked bidders list can still be found by going to Help & Contact - Contact Us - Selling- Selling Basics- Blocking a Bidder or Buyer - Update Blocked Buyers List. This is Ebay helping us with the new Sellers Hub - why would you want a one click solution like you used to have? Much better to waste more of your time because they, as usual, are using us to test their very buggy software. One day they will launch a new feature which will actually work properly from day one. Lets hope they sort out Sellers Hub so that it is as useful as Turbo Lister sometime soon.

BFT • 11th October 2016 •

thanks - that worked for me. have now saved my list in case it gets deleted.

cw • 11th October 2016 •

I think most of the current problems are down to the new seller hub - I got an error message every time I tried to get into drafts and had to revert to selling manager. On the positive side, switching between selling manager and drafts has suddenly cured the problem whereby I couldn't filter auctions and fixed price in active view, so methinks the seller hub will continue to cause glitches until ebay get it all fixed. Makes you wonder how on earth some computer experts get a job when ebay are employing people who obviously keep making mistakes - is it really so difficult to do ?

Sam O'levski • 11th October 2016 •

It's still there - Go to 'Help & Contact' and type in 'block' Click on 'Managing Bidders & Buyers' Scroll to 'Update Blocked Buyers List' Hey presto!!!

Kevin A • 11th October 2016 •

hilarious how clicking the "block bidders" button takes you to a page thats nothing whatsoever to do with blocking bidders, but has a section titled "building trust" instead. these two tally for you ebay? you build trust through deception and misleading? lead by example for once ebay.

james • 11th October 2016 •

MORE IMPORTANT IS A MESSAGE GOT JUST NOW Thank you for contacting eBay Customer Service. I am glad that recently the issue you called about has been cleared up. There has been some changes lately. For items priced below £350 on eBay.co.uk with a specified postage cost and where PayPal is the only payment method offered, buyers who click Buy it now are asked to pay immediately. Please refer to https://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/pay/require-immediate-payment.html I actually thought it was broken but what a total cock up this is going to be! Wondering why you get virtually no multiple purchases from overseas buyers? This is the reason. Nobody in their right mind wants their customers to pay postage on every item apart from eBay. Because they make 10% on it.

Jon • 11th October 2016 •

The seller hub is crap and a waste of time and I've opted out. As for these deleted accounts, I still say there's no proof Ebay is acting on sellers reports of non payment or scamming. Most likely they've closed their own accounts, or been closed for not paying fees or something.

Andy R • 11th October 2016 •

I noticed that some of my blocked list are “no longer a registered user” but don’t have deleted next to them. I looked up 8 random ID’s and found 2 are not registered. I think 213918025@deleted means they have been dormant for long period of time. Nothing to to with being kicked off eBay.

Jon • 11th October 2016 •

There is no way eBay will take action against scanners, remember they still make money out of you when you're scammed. eBay almost encourage scammers, not surprisingly though, after all, eBay is little more than a subscription scam itself these days. How they avoid a rigorous investigation is nothing short of miraculous.

Steve • 11th October 2016 •

I can prove that Ebay has not acted against anyone I've blocked for non-payment in the last 18 months. Using the Resolution Centre I was able to find all the non-paying buyers over that period. Guess what? They are ALL still active on Ebay. So my theory that these deleted id's are due to natural wastage is right. Ebay are not taking action against non-payers. FACT !

Andy R • 12th October 2016 •

I was taking to a ex-eBay seller today he moved over to Facebook selling after been ripped off too many times he said he buys on eBay and sells on Facebook. I could not work out how he would make any profit and said to him buyers would just go to eBay his answer was not if stuff off eBay is free but would not say anymore. The conversation ended there it took some will power not to smack him

Steve • 13th October 2016 •