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OrderHub is a stock and order management solution from the guys over at ChannelGrabber. The team behind it has been involved in the multi-channel eCommerce market since 2010, and they’ve used this experience to produce a wonderfully simple and elegant solution for your daily business needs.

With Christmas and Black Friday just around the corner, we know there will still be some sellers wondering if they should get some automation in place so it seemed a good time to have a chat with OrderHub’s CEO, Daniel to find out how the product has come along since launch. Here are his answers to my questions:

What does OrderHub do?

Simply put OrderHub is a multi-channel ecommerce solution to automate your inventory management and streamline your order processing, but it is capable of so much more than that. What looks like a very simplistic piece of software actually hides an absolute monster of technical capabilities. If you’re looking for something that can…

Reduce the amount of time you spend managing your inventory across all your stores and eBay and Amazon
Reduce your time spent processing orders by up to 90% with one-click dispatching with your chosen courier
Keep on top of your customer communication by bringing it all under one roof and linking messages directly to your orders

…then this is the system for you.


Why would someone use OrderHub over any of your other competitors?

We created OrderHub because we recognised that despite the number of solutions available, no-one has managed to get everything right yet. This is true for ChannelGrabber too, and in recognising the limitations of an older system we were able to produce something spectacular.

What features really set you apart?

Simplicity is key. To borrow a phrase from one of our customers, we don’t massively over-complicate what actually is a simple task and that really is our unique selling point. We automate everything we can and make the rest a pleasure to use. The feedback on how well we’ve achieved this has been overwhelming.

We spent a long time perfecting our core platform to get into a place where we can add new features at an astonishing rate. The first thing we did was bring customer communication into our system, as we recognised that this is very disjointed for most systems, requiring additional third parties or cumbersome work-arounds. Once we did this successfully, we were able to link messages directly back to any orders placed and which has saved us customers from needing to manually match them up anymore.


Sounds great, what else are you proud of?

After the success of our message system we added support to automatically email invoices out to customers, regardless of where the order had originated from. This means you can completely automate sending receipts for all your sales, even for orders fulfilled by Amazon.

Our system ensures both you and HMRC are happy, as the VAT is handled automatically and correctly, even if you use multiple VAT rates, or are registered for VAT in multiple countries.


We’re also proud of how fast we’re able to respond to customer feedback and requests to get new features pushed out. We’ve had customers in the past put in a feature request at the start of their trial and it’s been live before the two weeks is up. To say we are proud of what we’ve created would be a total understatement. OrderHub hasn’t been the work of 1 mastermind, it’s been the culmination of outstanding work from a team of dedicated people.

Why should someone trust your system over someone else’s?

Customers need to have confidence in not just our system, but us as a company as well. We believe in being fair, honest and open in everything we do. We often see other online solutions increasing fees or having a structure in place that limits features or number of users and we felt like this is an old way of doing things. Every package we offer has every feature available, and without limit, anyone can phone, email or live chat us for help.


But why trust our system? The way we connect to each sales channel allows us to update stock at the fastest rate possible, which is a bold claim but we’d stake our reputation on it. We’ve been doing this for many years now, and we’ve learnt how to squeeze the maximum performance out of not just our system but also the platforms we integrate with.

Don’t just take our word for it – Amazon have confirmed we have a pre-fulfillment cancellation rate of 0.04%, which is a measure of how many orders are cancelled before they’re dispatched. They stated that this is “below average among third party solutions providers”- Stock management you can rely on!

Is it a good idea to start using OrderHub so near to Christmas?

This is actually the best time of year to start looking at our system. Your sales are about to skyrocket and you need to be able to process that increased volume without increasing the amount of time it takes you. That’s us. That’s where we come in. We’ve made switching and using OrderHub so simple that even if you only used us for order processing and courier labels you’d notice an improvement to your order processing times within 5 minutes of starting your trial.


But we also know you need a stock management system that can keep up with the increased demand. OrderHub scales with you, and will ensure your Christmas goes as smoothly as any other time of the year.

Which platforms do you currently support?

We currently offer full integrations for Amazon, eBay, EKM, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Royal Mail, myHermes, DPD, Interlink and ParcelForce with Cdiscount due before the end of this year.


Any final words?

We offer a 14 day free trial with no contract, no commission and no obligation. It’s important to us that you’re completely happy that a system meets your needs before you’re asked to commit financially, and we’re so confident you’ll stay with us that we don’t feel the need to legally tie you down with a contract.

We’re huge admirers of the community here at TameBay, and if you decide you like our system use the discount code TAMEBAY2016 to get 50% off your first month subscription.


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