New eBay System Status and Community Boards

No primary category set have rolled out a new System Status board as part of a wider ranging upgrade to the US Discussion Boards and a new unified seller news portal.

New eBay System Status Board

The main difference is that the new System Status Board shows real time live updates whereas the older System Announcements relied on someone manually posting updated which sometimes happened, was often late and weren’t always promptly updated when the situation was resolved.

The new automated System Status Board will have three possible statuses for Bidding; Checkout; Shipping Label Printing; Buy it Now; Listing; Home Page; Registration; Billing; and Image Services. The three possible conditions are All services in Good Health; Service Disruption; or Service Outage.

Discussion Boards

The new discussion boards promise a more personalized experience that serves up the content and conversations that are most relevant to you. This will be interesting as eBay are somehow going to decide what you see first and what’s less important.

Enhanced user profiles will allow community members to quickly see the person behind the post, enabling more transparent interactions and meaningful connections sounds good, but the recognition program that ‘rewards your valuable contributions via ranks and badges‘ sounds really pants and is… who wants to be labelled a ‘Thrill Seeker’, ‘Guide’, ‘Trail Blazer’, ‘Adventurer’ or ‘Rock Star’? Perhaps this is more American than my British tastes can stand, but it smacks more of teenagers getting level ups on their computer games than something for a professional buying and selling platform and US users are already branding the labels as juvenile. When will eBay learn to spend less time on gimmicks and more on useful stable function?

On the plus side, eBay are promising more engagement from eBay employees across the company.

Announcement Board

eBay are also migrating the Announcement Board and the eBay for Business blog into the new Community experience to create a unified seller news portal.

3 Responses

  1. Why can’t they just keep the site functioning?

    You don’t get these constant issues on Amazon or other sites.

    Pass me the sick bag.

  2. “The new discussion boards promise a more personalized experience that serves up the content and conversations that are most relevant to you.”

    – translation for those who dont speak ebay:

    “the new discussion boards will hide anything negative about ebay they dont want you to read.”



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