The clocks go back to GMT on Sunday 30th October 2016

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In olden days (i.e. less than a decade ago) we’d have needed to remind you that the clocks go back on Sunday. On the 30th of October 2016 at 2am British Summer Time (BST) ends and we’re back on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Today you probably won’t have to worry as your smartphone, computer, laptop and an array of other consumer electronics will automatically adjust their clocks for you.

Clocks go back this SundayIn the days when everyone ran auctions on eBay there always used to be a few people who got confused. eBay will run your listing for the exact length of time that you chose so a seven day auction will run for 168 hours. This does mean that if you started your listing at 9pm BST and it ends after the 30th October it will end at 8pm.

Hopefully you’ve not purposefully scheduled auctions to avoid EastEnders, X Factor or whatever other TV program your likely bidders might be watching just to find they’ll now finish in the middle of the show.

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  1. Thanks for the comparison times – I remember a mildly heated exchange a few months ago when they went forward !
    I don’t worry about uk television programmes so much as thinking about what time it is in mainland Europe or the states for overseas buyers.
    Although the days of bidding wars have passed for my stuff, mega-sellers or those with a loyal following built up over many years seem to do alright with auctions still.


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