Webinar: E-Exporting made simple | The USA 9/10/16

The US is the second largest ecommerce market globally and is expected to be worth $482 billion by 2018. With over 318 million potential customers and English as a shared language, the US offers a fantastic springboard for UK retailers looking to increase their international sales.

However, navigating US regulations, understanding the local consumer and protecting profit margins can be tricky. During this webinar from Pentagon, Newegg and Currencies Direct, international expansion experts will show you how e-exporting can be simplified, by providing case studies and insights that you can apply to your business with immediate effect.

Register to learn:

  • Why US ecommerce still has room for growth
  • The benefits of listing on marketplaces in the US
  • How to tackle common problems when selling into the US
  • How to maximise your profits from US dollar sales when repatriating them to the UK

The webinar takes place on the 9th of November at 3pm.

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