Wortfilter.de round table in Guangzhou (25/10/16) and Hong Kong (30/10/16)

Wortfilter.de, a German blog for eBay and Amazon traders, is organizing two round tables in China and Hong Kong for dealers, manufacturers, importers, marketplaces, service providers, aiming for an interesting discussion between international players.

The Canton Fair is held twice a year and the next one takes place at the end of October beginning of November. Knowing there is always a contingent of EU sellers attending gave Wortfilter the idea of holding a meet up around the event.

The first meeting will take place in Guangzhou on the 25th of October starting at 8pm local time on the Rooftop of Zapata’s Bar. The second will be held 5 days later held in Hong Kong, in the snack in TsimShaTsuiCentre, again starting at 8pm local time. Languages spoken will be English, German and Mandarin.

If you’re attending the Canton Fair and would like to attend either of both of the round tables, you can registrat by emailing mark.steier@wortfilter.de.

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