Amazon Rugeley fire may have destroyed £3m stock

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Following the fire at Amazon’s Rugeley Fulfilment Centre last Sunday night, some sellers are still waiting to hear what’s going to happen to their stock.

The fire which spread over two floors of the warehouse mainly impacted clothing and bedding, but sellers have reported having 1,000s of items removed from sale. We know Amazon are working hard to either return items to sale or if they are damaged then sellers will eventually be compensated under Amazon’s FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy.

Product category Default per-item replacement value
Book £15
Music £15
Video £15
DVD £15
Electronics £100
Jewellery £30
Video Games £25
Kitchen £25
Gourmet £25
Home £50
Sports £50
Watches £65
All other categories £25

Amazon compensation product values

Amazon consider several factors when determining an item’s value, including your sales history, the average FBA selling price on Amazon and the sales history of the specific ASIN. If they don’t have enough information to establish a reasonable value for an item, then the replacement value is determined based on the default replacement values from the table to the side.

Up to £3 million worth of stock damaged or destroyed

We’ve had an unconfirmed tip from a worker at the Rugeley Fulfilment Centre who tells us that some £3,000,000 worth of stock is estimated to have been damaged or destroyed. The fire wasn’t vast and most if the affected stock was water damaged.

It’s been a week since the fire and it’s now only days before Black Friday so it’s a bad time of year to have stock in limbo. Have you heard what’s happening to your stock? Ideally you want your product put back on sale or for it to be destroyed in which case Amazon will pay you for it.

We understand that Amazon aim to have evaluated all the remaining inventory by midday today, Monday 21st November, so if still you don’t know what’s happened to your stock it shouldn’t be too much longer before you hear from Amazon.

6 Responses

  1. Have been getting credits here and there. Am not so concerned about that stock now. It is the Units they have been getting us to send their AFTER the fire that is the issue. Arrived Tuesday and nothing they were even showing as in-bound yesterday now after contacting CS he just pressed the receiving button and the stock has totally disappeared. I think they have been POOR to say the least they clearly cannot cope with shipments or process them. Were not sending any items today, they are costing us money now. Expecting us to wait till the 4th of Dec before they look is shocking, .

  2. Amazon confirms that we have nothing damaged but….

    We have a shipment indication “shipped” and another indicating “in transit”. One should have been delivered to BHX1 on Monday and the other on Wednesday. UPS indicates that both were checked in to their nearby Tamworth depot on those days but that “scheduled delivery information is not available at this time” . So we suppose that Amazon won’t give them clearance to bring shipments to the dock.

    Really annoying that the Amazon system is still routing shipments to BHX1 while significant amounts of stock have been sitting in transit for a week with no forecast receipt date. Surely this could all have rerouted to other centres while the backlog is cleared?

  3. Had a couple credits over the past couple days, Amz said they’d hope to know by today of everything that was damaged.

    We had a lot of stock reserved, which is now back on sale

  4. which is best report to see the reserved stock – we have a lot of stock in bhx1 and had all the emails.


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