Tamebay 10th Party Awards. Meet the winners. #tamebay@10

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One of the lovely aspects of our Tamebay 10th Party last Thursday was the opportunity to say: Thank You. In our talks at the event Chris and I both thanked you, our readers. As well as our generous sponsors and everyone who has helped Tamebay over the past decade. Tamebay is a team effort. Keep on tipping us off.

And we presented 4 specific awards in gratitude of contributions made to Tamebay over the years. Here they are:

Editors’ Choice Award:

Chris and I wanted to make an award that recognised some special people who have made a indelible mark on Tamebay’s journey. The obvious choice was ChannelAdvisor.

The award was given by James Wilkins from SecuredMail.

As Chris noted:

“When Tamebay started the then marketing manager John Hayes approached us asking if we would host a ChannelAdvisor advert. In truth Sue and I hadn’t gotten around to thinking about monetising Tamebay so you became our first advertiser and have supported us ever since. Tamebay simply wouldn’t be what it is today without you guys. Sue and I always loved ChannelAdvisor and attended the Insight and Catalyst events and everyone right up to Scot Wingo supported Tamebay over many years with content, interviews and background.”

Special Contribution Awards:

Recognition is vital for Tamebay and Roger Morris from Royal Mail did the honours to celebrate two indefatigable special people who have been great supporters over the years. David Brackin and Jane Bell are our friends and contributors to Tamebay. We also converse with David and Jane when we need to verify an issue. Both are vital sources of info and insight. And we often enjoy a bloody good drink at events and on a personal basis. Thanks guys. We love you.

The Tamebay Forbearance Award:

This award was given by NetDespatch CFO Mike Park.

Over the years we’ve dealt with a lot of press offices and PRs from a multitude of companies. None has been more pestered by us than eBay. And they have been very helpful. So we extend fulsome thanks and general apologies to everyone in the eBay Seller Comms teams and the Press Office. To name a few over 10 years)>> Richard, Stephen, Patrick, Julia, Laura, Shane and Alex are all mentioned in despatches. Thank you.

Readers’ Choice Award:

siobhan-and-stephen-bales-with-tamebay-readers-choice-award We opened this one up to you and received hundreds of votes. The idea was to recognise a service, supplier or site, a person or app, anything, that is utterly vital. We wanted a lifesaver, or can’t-do without, and your input was clear.

Tradebox is the winner and Matthew Bednarek from Webinterpret handed over the gong. Richly deserved. The people have spoken. And they spoke in great numbers.

Over the years Chris and I have heard that loads of people use Tradebox. But never heard any complaints. So that makes them an obvious winner.

Thank You

We’re thrilled to be 10 years old, grateful for everyone who has made a contribution, thankful for your support. Here’s to the next ten years. And now we will return to business as usual. Onwards and upwards.

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5 Responses

  1. Was both a surprise and an honour to get an award. Tamebay is and always has been the place to find all eCommerce news before anywhere else. Part of the daily routine for me for the last 10 years. Tamebay has grown so much but still holds true to the values it had at the beginning.

    Best Wishes to Chris, Dan & the Tamebay team and a special thank you to Sue Bailey who I miss dearly. All the best for the next 10 years!


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