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Prabhat Shah, a successful Digital Marketer and a trainer, runs Online Seller UK (OSUK). The project aim is to help online sellers / retailers grow their multi-channel business. Online Seller UK is a primarily training organisation founded in 2013 and its aim is to grow sustainably adding value to the business and partners involved.

Today Prabhat shares some thoughts on Amazon Product Reviews and introduces us to Xsellco High Five

Amazon Product Reveiews

Amazon Product reviews are one of the most important ranking factors for Amazon search and they play a key role in the success of private label products. Historically, sellers have been giving products away for free to generate stacks of reviews. This has been taken as malpractice and there have been several newspaper reports suggesting not to trust Amazon reviews.

In the UK, Amazon has banned the practice of asking for product reviews for free products, since 22nd November 2016. This has shaken up the private label industry. So, has this really stopped happening? A browse of Amazon shows that the practice still continues. This leaves us in a conflicting position if the practice is actually banned. Below we talk about how to generate product reviews without the risk of being suspended.

2 ways to attract legitimate Amazon Product Reviews

1) Control Group

You can review a product on Amazon without having to buy one. Simply, go to the product and start writing a review. You can create a community group or access a group who are willing to spend their time testing your product and writing their experience on your Amazon listings. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to improve your product quality before it goes to sale in larger quantities.

2) Low Price Strategy + Sponsored Products + Follow Up email

Lowering product price for a marketing period not only gives you a boost in ranking but also accelerates the sell through rate. You can then sponsor your product to increase placement on top, right, bottom and on competitor’s product list. Customers are automatically sent a product review request from Amazon but you can also ask for a product review once after that. It is good practice to alter this to test the result.

Automate Follow up Emails

If you have a few orders sending daily follow up emails for product review is easy but imagine sending 100’s of emails a day? For this very reason, automating the process becomes vital and Xsellco High Five is one possible solution. The video below is a step by step guide showing how easy it is to set up Xsellco High 5’s automated follow up emails.

Whether you are selling private label products or creating your own bundles and multibuy listings, reviews are always going to be important to improve your ranking. With several conflicting ways to get reviews, low price strategy with follow up email is 100% compliant and Xsellco is a simply solution worth considering.

Edited to remove one method of attracting product reviews

3 Responses

  1. Incentivised reviews have been banned on Amazon for over 2 months now. (Yes, giving the product for free or even at a discount you can’t get without reviewing counts)

  2. Follow up emails have a ridiculously low respone rate I found. So low I stopped sending them. Quite possibly because customers are bombarded with these from so many 3rd party sellers.

    I know as a buyer they really bug me. A load of old guff about wanting to ensure all good with the purchase when all they want is a review. Glorfied spam


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