Collect+ operations become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yodel

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Collect+ have renegotiated their Joint Venture to the secure future growth of their store network. The restructuring also sees Drop & Collect Limited, the operational arm of Collect Plus, become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yodel freeing PayPoint to open their network to competition and avoid further losses on logistics costs.

A new agreement with PayPoint commits to growing the Collect+ network with an aspiration to grow to 12,000 locations within 5 years, in line with the current Post Office estate.

CollectPlus was a joint venture between PayPoint and Yodel. PayPoint and Yodel will retain 50:50 ownership of the brand through their new joint venture company Collect+ Brand Limited, which has licensed the use of the Collect+ brand to both Yodel and PayPoint and will receive royalties from PayPoint and Yodel for each parcel they introduce.

Yodel will take responsibility for the operations and contracts and as a consequence, PayPoint will no longer bear the impact of logistics cost increases.

PayPoint will also be free for the first time to utilise its convenience retail network to sign agreements with other parcel carriers and to open Collect+ access to other carriers, under license

Neil Ashworth, Collect+ CEO said in a letter to customers “We recognise the opportunity in the market for us to further improve our Click and Collect and Returns solutions”, explaining that the closer ties with Yodel will help improve products and services. He also hinted at “exciting new developments” coming to the Collect+ portfolio of services.

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  1. Yodel will take responsibility for the operations’, what could possibly go wrong with the UK’s worst rated courier running it? (though they are probably in danger of loosing that title to Amazon logistics)

  2. Won’t be going anywhere near Collect + any time soon with my parcels. Yodel get my award for worst delivery service, once had two parcels booked for collection. One was rebooked from the previous day when they failed to turn up for collection. Yet refused to take it as it was not on his list.

    UPS on the other had always get great service, would have large parcels booked, always turn up and if have any Access point parcels they would take them as well and ask which drop off I use so they could book them through there so the shop gets there cut.
    Also had a customer send a parcel back using UPS with just my name and town on there and the driver recognised it was for me and delivered it. Thats good service and why I use them for all my expensive items.

  3. Collect+ are the worst courier company, drivers forge delivery signatures, show not in for tracking when no delivery was attempted and throw items marked as fragile over 6″ gates – luckily there are many alternatives.

  4. Never had a problem with collect +

    100% delivery record and all on time.

    Previously used Hermes, with a 12% failure rate, main problem being parcels “disappearing” at parcel centres and not being found again.

    Couldn’t even be bothered to look for the items at the depot.

  5. Don’t start me on couriers .
    Sent an item valued at over £140 tracked and insured via Parcelforce and they managed to ‘ lose ‘ or have it stolen on the way to the depot . Tracking still showing ‘ advised ‘ .
    Try getting refunds – delaying tactics and fobbing off are only the tip of the iceberg .
    Not much to choose between any , but in my opinion UPS the best over last few years in my opinion .


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Royal Mail drop-off now available at Collect+ stores nationwide

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