110 retailers now have a Mirakl powered marketplace

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Mirakl sign €100m credit facility for tech & acquisitions

Mirakl, the marketplace solutions provider, grew massively in 2016 and their growth shows no signs of slowing, demonstrating the huge interest from retailers to transform themselves into marketplaces expanding choice and selection.

Key highlights from 2016 include:

  • 77% year-over-year customer count increase, with 110 customers operating marketplaces in over 40 countries and 20,000 sellers on the Mirakl Marketplace Platform.
  • 100% year-over-year bookings increase.
  • Most notably, customers who deployed Mirakl’s Marketplace Platform in both 2015 and 2016 experienced 500% year-over-year revenue growth.

Mirakl say that “Fueling Mirakl’s growth is the increased understanding by retail and B2B executives of the marketplace model and its importance to their omni-channel customer experience. While giants like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay have captured the lion’s share of eCommerce growth, Mirakl customers such as Halfords have seen the power of the marketplace model and deploying it as part of their strategy”.

110 new potential marketplaces is not to be sniffed at. Yes many of these marketplaces are relatively small and niche (such as Halfords and Game in the UK), but if you operate in their product vertical they have a ready source of highly engaged buyers who love the brand and are actively buying products from the retailer. Putting your products alongside those supplied by a retailer appears to be profitable and well worth the effort according to marketplace sellers we’ve spoken to.

If you’re interested in selling on a retailer’s website this is probably the best time of year to get started. There are nine months to get any technical integrations done and iron out any process bumps along the way so that by the time Q4 with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and general Christmas madness comes around all you’ll have to worry about it replenishing stock and shipping orders.

One Response

  1. It is pretty easy to use a Mirakl platform. Downside it is just another Catalogue so nothing new here, again lowest price WINS. One of the sites I am on is already becoming a battle to the bottom.
    We are on 3 now. All with a varying a degree of success. You are normally hidden behind the retailers more expensive Offer, or they say things like BUY here for faster shipping, and I am like EHHHH no you are actually Slow as a snail, we do the fast shipping.
    However enough to drill right down low margin Amazon offers, we have hardly anything on there.
    A lot of the retailers have issues getting lines on. I know on one we are lucky to have 25% of our stock on one. Then the integration thing this has not happened.

    I am surprised the retailers took so long to challenge A+E and it is about time. Service has been pretty good from two of the Mirakl sites I have been on, Even got a “test shop”. I think I have been getting used as a guinea pig for a few things also, and the companies seem to like a bit of feedback. This is a low risk no brainer if they get the right SELLERS on for the retailers, there is some due diligence.
    Plus it more marketplace competition might make them get better with their FEES. Give me a better deal I will give the Marketplace a better deal. Still want the best deal always come DIRECT.


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